Premier brought down by entrenched culture of influence-peddling

The downfall of Premier Barry O'Farrell is a wakeup call to both the NSW Coalition and Labor. It is time to end the culture of influence-peddling that has infested politics in this state, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Dr Kaye said: "What has happened is bigger than ICAC and Australian Water Holdings.

"It goes to the heart of the political system in NSW where major parties do the bidding of the big end of town.

"The Liberals and Nationals were swept to power three years ago on a promise of more open and transparent government. They promised high and delivered low.

"The Greens are not prepared to let the state's finances and its environment be sacrificed to the get-rich-quick merchants who trade on their close relationships with government politicians and political parties.

"Barry O'Farrell has been brought down by an entrenched culture of lobbying and behind-closed-doors deals.

Badgerys Creek Second Airport Not the Solution to Jobs and Infrastructure in Western Sydney

Greens NSW MP and Transport Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has criticised the Federal and State Governments for trying to tie infrastructure and jobs growth with the development of Badgerys Creek Airport. Dr Faruqi is also the Greens NSW Western Sydney Spokesperson.

"The Prime Minister is holding Western Sydney to ransom by saying the area will only receive infrastructure if it accepts a second airport.

"Western Sydney needs real public transport links and infrastructure, such as the Parramatta Light Rail and an expansion of proven heavy rail to catalyse sustainable job growth into the future.

"The idea that Badgerys Creek will create 60,000 jobs is just pure fantasy - the Joint Study on Aviation Capacity in 2012 put jobs growth closer to 10,000 additional jobs by 2040.

Proposed Badgerys Creek airport - win for developers not community

The Greens say a second airport at Badgerys Creek is another win for developers and big businesses and is not in the interests of the community.

Greens transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "Misleading claims about jobs growth and noise pollution have been used to con the community into thinking a Badgerys Creek airport will benefit them.

"Imposing a 24/7 airport on Western Sydney is arrogant and will result in massive inconvenience, traffic congestion, noise pollution and a range of health problems.

"The biggest beneficiaries of Badgerys Creek airport will be the likes of Macquarie Bank, developers and business owners who could make millions from rezoning and as a result of publicly subsidised construction.

Call for Australian Federal Police to investigate live export fraud charges

Commenting on the 7.30 report about allegations of falsified documents within the live export industry, Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"Very serious allegations against a senior official within the live export trade system have been raised. It is crucial that these are now investigated thoroughly by the Australian Federal Police.

"Time and again the Government's regulatory system, the ESCAS, has failed to stop the horrific suffering of animals in our live export trade, with no appropriate response from the Department of Agriculture.

"The Department's inquiry into the brutal killing of 21,000 sheep in Pakistan in 2012 failed to ask critical questions about the factors that led to the cull in the first place. It cleared the exporter Wellard even though there was compelling evidence that the exporter's failure to be transparent with Pakistan authorities contributed to the killings.