Nearly 1-in-5 Vote Clean and Vote Green in the Hunter By-Elections

A very big Thank You to everyone who helped out with the Newcastle and Charlestown by-election campaigns on the weekend. 

With the Greens gaining 19.9% of the vote in Newcastle and leaping from 8.4% to 14.1% in Charlestown - this means nearly 1 in every 5 voters support our #Vote Clean message and indicates a strong, healthy growth in our constituency.

Pyne higher education bill will not provide free higher education as Minister claims

The Greens have said Christopher Pyne's higher education cuts will not lead to "free higher education", as some have suggested but are instead going to leave thousands of students and their families with an exorbitant amount of debt.
"Christopher Pyne's latest spin that his bill will give people free higher education is so wrong. It's actually quite unbelievable how deceptive the Minister is," said Greens higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

Sydney Uni VC deceptive on scholarships – fee deregulation will hurt students

The Greens say the University of Sydney’s Vice-chancellor Michael Spence is misleading the public with his comments that fee deregulation will allow the university to hand out more scholarships.
“Mr Spence is attempting to rob Peter to pay Paul – but in this instance both Peter and Paul are University of Sydney students,” Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.
“These scholarships won’t even exist unless universities increase their student fees by at least 20 per cent.
“Even if the scholarships contribute towards living expenses, subsidised accommodation and assistance with books, $100,000 degrees will still be a reality for University of Sydney students.

The Greens – no grave robbers but modern heirs

The Greens – no grave robbers but modern heirs

Crikey 23 October 2014

“Suck it up, comrades” I suspect would have been Gough Whitlam’s response to Labor charges that the Greens are political grave robbers, “stealing Gough” by honouring the memory of his radical reformism. One thing Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser came to agree on later in life, and I think we can accept Fraser’s testimony on this, is that both major parties have swung markedly to the Right. The rise of the Greens is partly an expression of this; they have occupied the ground that post-Whitlam Labor vacated to its Left.

This is Australian politics 101. When you get down to specifics, this process is obvious. Whitlam’s government abolished university fees. A later Labor government reintroduced them. The Greens opposed the reintroduction. Even in its last year the recent federal Labor government announced cuts of $2.3 billion in university funding, including over $1 billion cut from start-up scholarships for students from lower-income families. It was the Greens that opposed these moves and defended the Whitlam heritage.