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  • Jenny Leong

    Candidate For Newtown

    Jenny Leong is the Greens Candidate for the seat of Newtown. Jenny has lived, studied and worked in the suburbs that make up the electorate of Newtown for close to twenty years. *The electorate of Newtown includes the suburbs of Redfern, Surry Hills, Camperdown, Enmore, Petersham, Darlington, Stanmore, Chippendale, Lewisham, Erskineville and Newtow

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  • Jamie Parker

    MP for Balmain

    I am the NSW Greens member for Balmain in the NSW parliament. I have assisted thousands of local residents with a wide range of issues.

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  • Dr. John Kaye MLC

    Dr John Kaye

    MLC for NSW

    John Kaye has been a NSW Greens MP since 2007.

    He is the Greens spokesperson on Energy, Education, Treasury, Finance, Health Services, Water Utilities, Consumer Affairs, Gambling and Donations.

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  • Dr. Mehreen Faruqi MLC

    Dr Mehreen Faruqi

    MLC for NSW

    I am a proud NSW Greens MP and believe our community deserves representatives who advocate open, transparent and participatory democracy, and who have community say in decision-making at the heart of their policy and practice.

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  • Justin Field

    Candidate for the Legislative Council

    As an environmental campaigner, I have seen first-hand the damage unrestricted coal seam gas and coal mining do to our natural environment and our farmland. I am running for the NSW Legislative Council to help fight these destructive industries, and deliver a clean, renewable future to NSW.

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  • Tamara Smith, Candidate for Ballina

    Tamara Smith

    Candidate for Ballina

    Our community deserves a progressive voice that will represent our interests in the NSW Parliament. While the Liberal, National and Labor Parties are embroiled in ICAC corruption scandals, our farmlands are being turned into gas fields and our marine parks are under attack. It’s time for us to clean up NSW politics and elect our first Greens MP for Ballina

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  • Adam Guise, Candidate for Lismore

    Adam Guise

    Candidate for Lismore

    As the Greens candidate for the seat of Lismore in the 2015 State election, I stand with the community for clean water, clean energy and clean politics. I want to change the way we do politics and end the corruption, so that decision making is returned to the community. Let’s bring real representation back to the seat of Lismore in the 2015 State election and make Lismore Green!

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  • Alice Suttie, Candidate for Baulkham Hills

    Alice Suttie

    Candidate for Baulkham Hills

    I have a dream and a longing for a society that treats people kindly, building them up, and promoting well-being with opportunities for productive, satisfying lives, and where the interrelationship between people and the environment is understood, where all creatures are recognised as part of the same biosphere that we inhabit.

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  • David Bate, Candidate for Blacktown

    David Bate

    Candidate for Blacktown

    I am running as a candidate in the State election as I am committed to bringing the Greens message of a renewable future, social justice, community amenities and services, and clean politics.

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  • Ben Moroney

    Ben Moroney

    Candidate for Campbelltown

    As the Greens NSW candidate for Campbelltown, I will fight for our services — schools, TAFE, housing, transport and our hospitals. I will oppose coal seam gas, and demand investment in renewable energy and clean industry to create thousands of new jobs. I will champion sustainable development and planning to secure our future. Australia's First Green City deserves its first Green MP.

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