• Vale Tom Uren

    Tom Uren 1922-2015: a great humanitarian – and wonderful human being
    Vale Tom Uren – a great champion of social justice, the environment and a peaceful and non-violent world. He was also a great internationalist and would have been excited in his unsectarian way by the Syriza victory in Greece. And let’s not forget that – for all his pacificism – Tom also knew how to fight: he took on (and beat) the Fairfax and Murdoch media organisations back in the 1960s when they they hurt him with the anti-communist slanders of the time. He was also one of the indispensables in the anti-Vietnam War movement. And a great minister in the Whitlam government.

  • Greens call for additional funding for Westmead Hospital Cystic Fibrosis clinic

    Clinical services at the state’s three cystic fibrosis services, including at Westmead Hospital, are falling far behind the growing need and National Standards for this rare and debilitating disease, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

    This morning at Westmead Hospital, Dr Kaye and Greens candidates Phil Bradley (Parramatta) and Balaji Naranapatti (Seven Hills) met with Michele Adair, the CEO of Cystic Fibrosis NSW, and a 17 year old patient with the disease, Rebekah Davison (photo attached).

  • Baird govt rush for training market leaves TAFE without computer system

    Enrolments at TAFE have been plunged into chaos by the rush to implement NSW Liberal-National government's Smart and Skilled training market, threatening student numbers and finances, according to Greens NSW MP John .Kaye

    ('Computer crash stops thousands enrolling in TAFE', Sun Herald 25 January,  page 7,

    Dr Kaye said:  "A politically-driven timetable for the training market has left TAFE with a new software system that  is not up to the task of enrolling students.

  • Greens label Pyne’s latest thought bubble a desperate face-saving measure

    The Australian Greens say the latest iteration of the Abbott/Pyne higher education Bill is a face saving measure designed to save the Prime Minister’s political skin and have called on the Government to take their proposal for higher student fees to an election.

    “The Coalition’s latest desperate gambit, the reduction of funding cuts in order to shepherd through fee deregulation, already looks to have failed with the Greens, Labor and crossbenchers remaining firmly opposed to increasing student fees,” said Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon.


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