Latest Issues

  • Transport

    Great public transport is the hallmark of every community that values efficiency, equity and social cohesion. This election is the best chance we have to demand a public transport system that supports us, our families and the environment.

  • Education

    Quality, free public education for all can be a reality. The Greens are committed to ensuring that the benefits of innovative, comprehensive, free and secular public schools and TAFE colleges are available to the next generation to secure a cohesive and fair future.

  • Jobs and the Environment

    The Greens stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of NSW to protect our precious marine parks, national parks, native  vegetation and biodiversity. We have introduced disallowances against bad regulations, made detailed submissions to improve government policy and highlighted environmental damage.

  • Stopping Corruption in NSW Politics

    While the Coalition fiddled with the laws to make life easier for themselves, we continued our push to drive the money out of politics, giving voters and communities a real voice in parliament. The message in this election has to be loud and clear to Labor, the Coalition and their powerful mates. Help The Greens make NSW a state with zero tolerance of corruption.