Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Debate this Thursday

This Thursday, March 15 the Greens' Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill will be voted on in the NSW Parliament.
The bill if passed through the  parliament will put in place a 12 month moratorium on all coal seam gas exploration and the issuing of new coal seam gas production licence across NSW.

Coal Seam Gas is a dead end

John Williams has resurrected in his opinion piece: Mining gas in NSW is viable if it's controlled (SMH Opinion, 1 March 2012) the out-dated argument that all that is needed to make coal seam gas workable in NSW is a technological fix to deal with water impacts and fugitive gas emissions.

There are similarities in this debate to the early days of the climate change movement where a loud but small minority of environmentalists shifted their support to nuclear energy as a way of dealing with greenhouse gas emissions. The nuclear path proved to be a dead end and coal seam gas is quickly heading in the same direction.

O'Farrell has no mandate to take NSW nuclear

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham accused the government of being dishonest with voters by not revealing their plans to open NSW up for uranium mining during the election.

O’Farrell’s 180 degrees on uranium a toxic turn

The New South Wales Government appears poised to commit a random act of colossal stupidity, following reports that the NSW Cabinet will move to overturn the state’s 26-year uranium ban.

Toxicity of coal seam gas spill highlights risk

Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today called on the government to support his Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill next week after scientific analysis of a coal seam gas water spill in the Pilliga Forest revealed high levels of heavy metals and salts.

Hysterical gas industry attacks state government

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham criticised the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) for labelling the O'Farrell Government's Regional Strategic Land Use Policy as red tape and consistently attacking the media for reportage critical of the industry.

Gas industry must come clean on polling questions

Greens mining spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham has called on the Australian Petroleum Production Exploration Association (APPEA) to release the research conducted by their lobbyist Crosby Textor in its entirety after APPEA selectively released only one question to the media.

Hartcher's parochial approach to mining looking like Ian Macdonald's

Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has labelled NSW Minister for Resources Chris Hartcher as 'the new Ian MacDonald', after a series of parochial statements about the Wallarah 2 coal project seemingly contradicting the Premier's assertion of merit based decision making on mining applications.

"Resources Minister Hartcher seems to have picked up where Ian MacDonald left off, deciding on mining projects based on politics and not process - picking winners and losers," said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

"Minister Hartcher seems to have one rule for a coal mine proposed for his backyard, and another rule for mining and coal seam gas in the rest of NSW."

Rail plans for Shenhua Coal kept under wraps

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon was stonewalled yesterday in Budget Estimates by the head of the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) who refused to expand on meetings held with Chinese miner Shenhua Watermark Coal Pty Ltd on plans to move coal from Gunnedah to Port Kembla in the Illawarra, bypassing Newcastle Port, because the company missed the deadline for use of the Newcastle coal loader (Audio below).

Controversial coal seam gas company to get frosty reception at UNSW

The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science at the University of NSW will today host a lecture by controversial coal seam gas company Eastern Star Gas (ESG). UNSW students, with The Wilderness Society, are organising a protest outside the lecture to oppose ESG's plans to put gas wells through the Pilliga Scrub and to question the extent of financial support between ESG and UNSW which may impact the university's independence.

Greens Senator and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon says, "It is disappointing to see an environmental science school at a public university seeming to endorse coal seam gas in the face of huge public concern about its impact on water and farm land.