Greens Senator at massive Leard protest – backs action to stop Whitehaven coalmine

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon is currently at a massive protest at Leard State Forest in North West NSW where 15 machines have been immobilised and work on the controversial Maules Creek mine has been prevented.

150 people, including traditional owners, local farmers and environmentalists, have gathered to call on Environment Minister Greg Hunt to stop the development of the mine.

“Today's action demonstrates people power and resilience. The number of people willing to give up their time to prevent the Maules Creek Mine from going ahead is inspiring.” Senator Rhiannon said.

Blockade at Maules Creek coal mine crucial

NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has congratulated protesters at Maules Creek coal mine for commencing action today to prevent critically endangered woodland and endangered wildlife from being bulldozed.

"The protest is taking place at the edge of Leard State Forest which will be devastated as a result of increased mining in the area," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Maules Creek is one of three monster mines which, along with the Boggabri and Tarrawonga coal mines will  result in bulldozing 4000 of the 7500 hectares of the old growth forest, which includes 34 threatened species including koalas, and several Endangered Ecological Communities.

Doyles Creek exploration licence should be cancelled and assets frozen as ‘proceeds of crime’

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham called on the government to immediately cancel the Doyles Creek mining exploration license which ICAC has found was only granted for the purpose of benefiting his mate, John Maitland and was subject to false and misleading information.

Reason finally prevails as NSW Treasurer cancels Cobbora coal contract

Greens NSW MP John Kaye welcomed the termination of the Cobbora coal contract but warned that further privatisation of the electricity industry would undermine jobs and the environment.

Labor should not use dodgy ARTC coal dust study to belittle health concerns

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon has warned the Gillard government against using a deficient ARTC study released today to shirk its responsibility to carefully consider the health impacts of coal dust.

Real growth not GDP

By Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens

How do we build an economic system that serves the needs of people and nature, both for today and for tomorrow?

The economy is a tool; a tool we humans invented – like democracy and politics – to help govern our relationships between each other, and between ourselves and the world we live in. If our economic tools are not getting the outcomes we want, making us happy, safe, healthy, better educated and fulfilled and protecting and preparing our country for an increasingly uncertain future in a world on track to be 4 degrees warmer, then it is time our economic tools changed.

Responsible Mining Bill Launch


The NSW community is under siege from mining and gas exploration that seems to have no bounds. Today there is not a single place in NSW where you can live and be guaranteed mining and gas development will not be allowed.

NSW Councils front up to Coal Seam Gas threat

More than 25 councils across NSW have now passed motions against coal seam gas (CSG) mining in their local government area. Some motions declare a moratorium on coal seam gas, others are focussed on security of water issues, others request NSW government for consultation and transparency on plans before mining is approved.

What Bob Brown did next

And his next campaign is saving the Kimberley – a fight he likened to the legendary one to save the Franklin River in Tasmania in the 1980s.

NSW now at risk of uranium mining

Barry O’Farrell’s government has passed legislation that overturns the 26 year ban on exploring for uranium in NSW.

In February the Bill to allow exploration for uranium passed through the Lower House. In late March, it passed through the Upper House with a 20-18 win supported by the Liberals, Nationals, Shooters and Fishers Party and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats. Only Labor and The Greens voted against it.