16/07/2012 - 10:31am

Greens preselect Dr Mehreen Faruqi for Heffron by-election

This Monday the NSW Greens will confirm Dr Mehreen Faruqi as their candidate for the by-election in Heffron.  Mehreen was preselected unopposed by local members in a grass roots ballot.

Mehreen, a civil and environmental engineer and sustainability academic, ran against Kristina Kenneally in the 2011 state election where she gained 19% of the vote. She lives with her family in Alexandria in the heart of the electorate.

Dr Faruqi is an associate professor at the University of NSW and has worked in numerous senior roles in universities, multinational and local consultancies and within local government.  Since migrating from Pakistan in 1992 she has worked passionately at local, state, national and international levels on climate change, water, energy, waste management and community engagement in decision-making.

“This by-election is an opportunity to advance the Greens’ positive vision for a sustainable and just society and to give the residents of Heffron a real and serious voice on the issues affecting the community.  It will be a tough campaign but my job is to convince the voters of Heffron that the Greens are the progressive and electable alternative to the stale Labor party and the reactionary Coalition government,” Mehreen said.

“With the Liberals vacating the field, this by-election is a chance for The Greens to show the voters in Heffron and the wider NSW community that we are the party of choice for voters who support a strong public education system, more investment in public transport, more affordable housing and planning laws that prioritise the interests of residents over developers.”

“Greens members and supporters are energised to campaign on these issues and more, including protecting the rights of workers who have been attacked by the O’Farrell government.”

The Greens are proud that with a career spanning over 20 years in engineering, management and community development, Mehreen has the skills that will help address the complex issues faced by Heffron and ignored by Labor for too long.