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Issue #363, 25 June 2015

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Welcome to a special state budget edition of the Greens NSW E-Brief 

On Tuesday the NSW Baird-Grant government handed down the 2015/16 budget.

Riding high on the property boom, the Liberals and Nationals trumpeted a record surplus but failed to address long-term revenue challenges.

Despite being ‘back in the black’, critical public institutions like TAFE continued to be savaged by budget cuts while money was spent on unnecessary roads and jails.

There is a better way. It is possible to create a strong, prosperous and sustainable state while protecting the environment and vulnerable community members. 

Check out the Greens MPs responses to the NSW budget and their alternative vision below.  

Hall Greenland

Message from the convenor

Hall Greenland

A lively State Delegates Council (SDC) last weekend - the first run by the Young Greens. Richard Di Natale visited and took (hard) questions on pension changes agreed to by our federal MPs and how much – or how little! – they can work with Tony Abbott and co. SDC was big: 150 members, and business ranged from policy to election campaign reflection to endorsing a campaign for a new public holiday: Peace Day on September 21. For more detail see the draft minutes on the members' website.

Jenny Leong MP

More public money into Westconnex, no affordable housing relief

Jenny Leong MP - Greens MP for Newtown

​With an increase of $500 million from last year, the WestConnex budget is now $15.4 billion dollars: a 50 percent increase from the project's start. The budget also gave no sign of relief for people struggling to pay rents. And our electorate office is now open

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Jamie Parker MP​​

Short-sighted moves Powerhouse Museum and public housing

Jamie Parker MP - Greens MP for Balmain

We are disappointed $10 million was allocated to move the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo, allowing for the purpose-built museum building to be sold to developers. Meanwhile, the former public housing estate in Glebe will be developed with half the number of the new homes going to the private market. Read more at Read more »

Tamara Smith MP

Much needed education and health funding for Ballina 

Tamara Smith MP - Greens MP for Ballina

The state budget has allocated around $130 million to infrastructure spending in the Ballina electorate including a new hospital in Byron and for high school upgrades in Ballina. As the local member, I acknowledge this spending. As a Green I recognise the many failings in the budget including the cuts to TAFE.

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Senator Lee Rhiannon

Putting Labor under pressure on TAFE

Senator Lee Rhiannon

The day after the Baird government announced savage budget cuts to TAFE I spoke at National TAFE Day with Opposition leader Bill Shorten and Minister Simon Birmingham.  I spoke about the unique values and benefits of TAFE and called on Labor to stop supporting TAFE’s forced competition with for-profit education companies. 

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Jan Barham MLC

Budget doesn’t deliver on early intervention or affordable housing

Jan Barham

As the number of children in out-of-home care approaches 20,000, the Government has clouded the figures rather than delivering a significant boost to prevention and early supports. They have also failed to get serious about housing affordability, despite the crisis affecting people in Sydney and across the state.

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Jeremy Buckingham MLC

Victory on e-cigarettes

Jeremy Buckingham

The Greens have won a significant victory on the regulation of E-Cigarettes.  The Bill to ban the sale to minors was strengthened to treat e-cigarettes like tobacco in display, marketing and advertising. Now we are pushing to amend the Smoke Free Environment Act to prohibit use of e-cigarettes where in places where smoking tobacco is banned.  SMH  Budget: Coal royalties massively overestimated SMH  Media


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Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC

Budget keeps NSW moving in the wrong direction 

Mehreen Faruqi MLC

The budget shows the Coalition government plodding the same ill-conceived path it did in its first term. Regional transport continues to be neglected while wasteful urban toll roads and privatised transport are allocated billions. There are no new initiatives to expand our national parks and environmental protections, and the minimal funding for domestic violence does not recognise the gravity of the issue.

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John Kaye MLC

Baird's budget puts surplus trophies before public education and workers

John Kaye MLC

Tuesday revealed a further erosion of TAFE’s secure funding, more savage cuts to the public sector and $33 million reduction in funding for early childhood education. John argued that the Premier’s surplus obsession is jeopardising the future of the state by wasting opportunities to generate jobs, educational opportunities and the clean energy economy.

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David Shoebridge MLC

Private jails and big developers win from Baird Budget

David Shoebridge MLC

From planning to jails, the Baird Government has sacrificed long term environmental and social goals for short term politics. By funding more jails before schools, and fast tracking the largest developments with fewer environmental checks, this Government is taking NSW backwards. Read more about jails and the planning changes

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