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Issue #364, 9 July 2015

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Welcome to the Greens NSW E-Brief 

There are only two weeks left to vote in the Greens NSW senate preselection. Voters have a choice of 12 candidates to fill the top 4 spots on the Greens' ticket at the next federal election, regardless of whether it's a general election (expected in 2016), or a double dissolution election (as suggested by recent rumours). If you were are non-provisional (more than 3 months' standing) financial member of the Greens NSW on 18 May 2015, you should have received your voting materials by now. If you have any questions, please contact the returning officer, Tony Hickey: or 0406 711 352

Hall Greenland

Message from the convenor: Greeks show the way – again

Hall Greenland

Like many I went to bed anxious on Sunday as the Greek people went to the polls and woke to a call from Europe announcing the overwhelming victory of No in the referendum. As the week unfolds the governing elites in Europe continue to show their contempt for democracy. But the Greek example may well be contagious and a more equal and cooperative future could now take shape in Europe. The poll is also another example of the democratic potential of referendums – something I believe the Greens should be adopting.

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David Shoebridge MLC

Fit for the Future: What are the facts?

David Shoebridge MLC

The community campaign to stop forced amalgamations is continuing to grow with the overwhelming majority of councils submitting to IPART a preference to remain stand-alone. With IPART and the Parliamentary Inquiry still accepting submissions there is still time to join the campaign to keep local government local.

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Jenny Leong MP

Join the ‘Stop WestConnex’ community groundswell

Jenny Leong MP - Greens MP for Newtown

We joined local WestConnex Action Group and St George Greens at Kingsgrove station to chat to locals – spoke at the Jurassic Park Walking Tour of St Peters and the Concord WestConnex Independence Day Rally. Read what else we’ve been up to here.

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Jamie Parker MP

Highlighting stong Greens record on women MPs

Jamie Parker MP - Greens MP for Balmain

On Friday Jamie is representing the Greens on a male MPs panel chaired by Elizabeth Broderick, at the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Association. Jamie will talk about the excellent record of Greens’ women representation in Australian parliaments compared to other parties. Read more here.

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Tamara Smith MP

Shark netting an outdated non-solution – healthy oceans need sharks

Tamara Smith MP - Greens MP for Ballina

Calls this week by a Government MP for shark nets to be installed on the North Coast go against community expectations to protect sharks and other marine life. 79% of animals caught in nets last year in NSW were threatened or non-target species. Echonet Media Release | Sign up for Marine Updates.

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Senator Lee Rhiannon

Ending backroom senate deals will strengthen democracy​

Senator Lee Rhiannon

The Greens are campaigning to give voters back control of senate voting by outlawing the secretive and complex preference deals of political parties. The Greens NSW were successful in reforming the state electoral system in 1999. It’s now time we did this at a federal level. Read more here.


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Jan Barham MLC

Inquiries will examine reparations for the Stolen Generations and nursing homes​

Jan Barham

My motion to establish an inquiry into reparations for the Stolen Generations in NSW was unanimously supported - submissions close 27 September. I will also chair an inquiry into registered nurses in aged care - submissions close 23 July. Consider making submissions with your views and experiences, and spread the word.

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Jeremy Buckingham MLC

Barnaby fails as Shenhua coal mine approved on Liverpool Plains

Jeremy Buckingham

Politicians everywhere are pleading helplessness as the federal government approved the giant Chinese state owned coal mine in the heart of the best farmland in Australia – the Liverpool Plains. This will become the Farmers’ Franklin – a place where we take a stand against coal. Media release here.

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Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC

Let’s transform transport in NSW

Mehreen Faruqi MLC

I have unveiled my new campaign for public transport in NSW, Transform Transport. The official launch will be held in Epping on Thursday 23 July – all welcome, but registrations essential! To coincide with this, my Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece exposed the privatisation agenda of Sydney Metro.

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John Kaye MLC

Myth exposed: Government funding of private schools does not save tax payer dollars

John Kaye MLC

A recent analysis of over thirty years of school funding data has demonstrated conclusively that public funding of private schools is not cost effective. In fact, the report found that if private school students were to have been educated through the public system, governments would save $2 billion every year.  

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Party Matters

On Message

The Greens NSW now has a communications coordinator – something members have been asking for some time. Django Merope Synge will start work at our Glebe office on July 21. From 2010 to 2013 Django was senior policy and media advisor to Andrew Wilkie – and was communications director of his re-election campaign. His time with the Tasmanian independent MP coincided with earning a first-class honours degree in environmental philosophy. More recently he has worked as a freelance journalist and filmmaker – he’s just finished shooting footage for a documentary on women and homelessness in 12 countries. His CV includes stints as the features editor of an online gaming magazine and coordinating an aid NGO.