Greens fight to protect regional higher education in Lismore

During a visit to Lismore today, Australian Greens spokesperson for higher education, Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens candidate for Lismore, Adam Guise confirmed the Greens would vote to block the Coalition’s $5 billion cuts to higher education that will increase student fees and devastate regional communities.
Mr Guise said: “The Coalition’s budget cuts will rip $60 million in funding out of Southern Cross University, leading to staff cuts, course cuts and severe impacts on education quality.
“There are nearly 15,000 students studying at Southern Cross and almost 1000 staff who are incredibly anxious about the possibility of these cuts becoming law.
“Most of the students at Southern Cross are from regional areas and the university plays a crucial role in training up teachers and nurses who go on to work in regional areas.
“It’s incredibly disappointing that the Nationals voted with the Liberals in the House of Representatives to pass these cuts and sell out regional NSW. The Greens will continue campaigning on the ground to make sure these cuts don’t pass the Senate and become law.”

Time for Baumann to face the music

Evidence heard at ICAC on the final day of public hearings last Friday should give cause for Port Stephens MP Craig Baumann to reconsider his position in the NSW parliament, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.
Dr Kaye said: "Mr Baumann admitted to the ICAC that he created a sham invoice in attempt to hide $79,684 in secret donations from developers Jeff McCloy and Hilton Grugeon before the 2007 election.
"The admission is telling. The secrecy is very hard to explain unless Mr Baumann thought he was doing something wrong.

NSW Government Repeating M5 Mistakes with WestConnex and NorthConnex

Greens MP and Roads Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has stated that the Government is repeating the mistakes of the M5 with the expensive and unnecessary WestConnex and NorthConnex projects.
Dr Faruqi said:
"NSW Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, has today said that M5 East Tunnel is a monument on how roads should not be constructed, whilst at the same time wasting billions of dollars on wasteful motorways and polluting smokestacks.

Greens MP Urges Government to heed CSIRO Report on Litter and Introduce Container Deposit Scheme

Greens MP and Environment Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has urged the NSW Government to listen to CSIRO and introduce a Container Deposit Scheme. The CSIRO report, 'Understanding the Effects of Marine Debris on Wildlife' released today calls the South Australian container deposit scheme  "an effective policy for reducing litter" which has led to South Australia having the lowest proportion of beverage container litter in cleanups in Australia, three times less than NSW, which has the highest proportion.
Dr Faruqi said:
"Today's CSIRO report shows that NSW has the highest proportion of beverage containers on clean-up sites, and South Australia the lowest. This should be a wakeup call for the NSW Government to introduce a South-Australian style container deposit scheme to prevent beverage litter.
"CSIRO has specifically identified the Container Deposit Scheme as an effective policy in reducing litter in South Australia so there is absolutely no reason why the NSW Government hasn't acted on this.