Liberals & Nationals back fracking as Gloucester residents get shafted

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham condemned the government's renewal of AGL's Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL 285) over the Gloucester Valley, saying it was the start of fracking in NSW again and that local residents were being given less protection than those in Western Sydney.  

Coal seam gas activity is banned within 2km of urban areas, however, AGL has been given permission to frack within a few hundred metres of houses at the outskirts of the town of Gloucester.

"This is a clear signal that the Liberal and National parties are pro-fracking and pro-coal seam gas," said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

Presumption of innocence takes a hit with Bail Law reforms

Ugly, divisive and uninformed politics has produced the NSW government's recently announced bail law reforms, which are not founded on evidence, are not supported by key stakeholders and ultimately will not make NSW a safer place.

NSW Greens MP and Justice spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"These proposed changes take the Bail Act back 10 years to a complex, technical and unprincipled scheme where the presumption of innocence is largely lost.

"It is an ongoing problem in NSW politics that both the Coalition and Labor undermine public confidence in our world-class criminal justice system in pursuit of cheap media copy.

"The Greens have faith in the ability of our judges and magistrates to protect the public interest and rationally apply the existing risk-based bail laws.

Concerns over Parramatta Road redevelopment

The state-owned development organisation, UrbanGrowth NSW, has revealed in a closed-door briefing an increase in the number of new dwellings for its Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Program.

When the plans for redeveloping the Parramatta Road corridor were announced, the state government flagged its potential to add 25,000 dwellings. That figure according to UrbanGrowth is now 50,000.

200,000 native ducks shot dead by amateur hunters in NSW

New figures released today show that almost 200,000 native ducks have been shot dead by amateur hunters in NSW over the last five years. This industrial scale killing is said to be for the protection of rice crops.

The scale of the killing has lead to calls for an end to the amateur hunting of our native ducks and a commitment from the government to funding for non-lethal control measures.

See reporting in today's Sun Herald here. See letter from Office of Environment and Heritage here.

Greens MP and firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"Every one of the ducks that is killed is a native bird and it is a tragedy that we are seeing the organised slaughter of so many of our native animals.

"Many people think duck hunting was ended in NSW years ago, but the fact is it continues to this day and hundreds of thousands of these beautiful native animals are being killed.