Thank You, Christine!

Thank You, Christine Milne, Sydney event

Where: Treasury Room, Sydney Town Hall

When: Friday 31 July, 5-7pm


Sydney East Transport Forum

Transform Transport, Sydney East, Mehreen Faruqi

The Transform Transport​ campaign will be coming to Sydney's east on the evening of the Thursday 13 August!

Greens NSW members preselect Senator Lee Rhiannon for upcoming federal election

A ballot of Greens NSW members has preselected Lee Rhiannon as the party's lead Senate candidate for NSW in the upcoming federal election.

Senator Rhiannon was elected to the Senate in 2010 and has served as the Australian Greens spokesperson for Higher Education, Aid, Democracy, Water, Animal Welfare and Local Government.

"At the next federal election the Greens will take the challenge straight up to Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten," Senator Rhiannon said.

"We are working to grow our vote, hold our Senate seats across the country and run strong, competitive campaigns in key lower house seats in NSW.

"We are ready for a possible double dissolution election. We will be working hard to win a second Greens Senate seat in NSW and to build on our recent Lower House wins on the far north coast and the inner city.

Fossil Finance - Tim Buckley webinar

Fossil Finance - Tim Buckley webinar

8 pm Tuesday 4 August

Challenging (and maybe transcending) Capitalism through Real Utopias

Hosted by the Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney

Challenging (and maybe transcending) Capitalism through Real Utopias

Professor Erik Olin Wright from the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Political funding inquiry should not delay reform legislation before next election

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has advocated that the federal parliament legislate for political donation reform before the next election raising concerns that another parliamentary inquiry should not delay action.

Parliamentary survey shows forced amalgamations on the nose

The Baird government's plan for super-sized councils and forced amalgamations has been roundly rejected by more than 70% of respondents to a survey conducted by the Parliamentary Inquiry into Local Government.

Key survey findings were:

About Time The Transport Minister Saw The Light On Green Square Light Rail

The government is finally starting to warm to the idea of light rail in the southern CBD suburbs such as Green Square, said Greens NSW MP and Transport spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi on Tuesday in response to reports that the Transport Minister endorsed the idea.

Dr Faruqi said:

Greens Announce Senate Ticket

On Sunday 26 July, the Greens NSW senate preselection returning officer Tony Hickey announced that, subject to confirmation by the Greens NSW August state delegates’ council, the first four candidates on the Greens NSW senate ticket for the next federal election are:

1. Lee Rhiannon

2. Michael Osborne

3. James Ryan

4. Jane Oakley

The Future of TAFE in the Northern Rivers

The New Tattersalls Hotel, 108 Keen Street, Lismore

4 August 2015 - 6:00 - 8:00 PM

- Lee Rhiannon (Greens Senator)
- John Kaye (Greens NSW MP)
- Janelle Saffin (Australian Labor Party)
- Maxine Sharkey (NSW Teachers Federation)

All are welcome to join us to hear about the Greens plan to end the competitive funding policies that are destroying TAFE.

Help us stop private providers ripping off vulnerable students to fatten up their profits at TAFE's expense.