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David Shoebridge was the No.1 Upper House candidate for the Greens in the 2011 NSW state election.  He joined the NSW parliament in September 2010, is a Greens Councillor on Woollahra Council, and was formerly a barrister working in industrial relations law.  He lives in Sydney with his partner and two daughters and enjoys bushwalking.

David's key campaigns since becoming a Greens MP have been:

Environmental protection and local planning and development issues - David is campaigning to repeal Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act that gives the planning minister powers to bypass councils and approve a range of developments, ignoring community opinion and reducing environmental and planning standards.

A Bill of Rights for NSW - Australia is one of the few advanced democracies that does not enshrine its citizens’ rights to essential freedoms in a core bill of rights. Without this, we give far freer rein to governments to legislate away our rights.

Housing affordability - Housing affordability, particularly in Sydney, has declined, with people under a great deal of pressure and spending more on accommodation. Everyone should have access to stable, secure and affordable housing.

A fairer justice system - David is working for a more humane justice system that focuses on addressing the causes of crime. Research shows regressive bail laws, more gaols and longer sentences are not the way to make our society safer.

David served two terms as a councillor on Woollahra Municipal Council since first being elected in 2004.  In that time he worked on numerous committees including finance, planning and community services.  He was Deputy Mayor in 2005. 

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