Dr John Kaye


John Kaye has been a NSW Greens MP since 2007 until May 2016. 

He was the Greens spokesperson on Energy, Education, Treasury, Finance, Consumer Affairs, Water Utilities, and Gaming, Racing and Hospitality.

John was been a leading opponent of electricity privatisation and a vocal spokesperson for public schools and TAFE colleges.

Since being elected, he has played a key role in defeating the unnecessary, expensive and damaging Tillegra Dam proposal in the Hunter valley.

John has helped shepherd through the ethics alternative to scripture in public schools and the ban on political donations from the tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries.

Before entering parliament, John taught and researched electrical engineering at the University of NSW where he specialised in sustainable energy and greenhouse issues. John had a PhD from the University of California Berkeley and over twenty years of research and teaching experience.

Latest News


Greens NSW MP John Kaye would like to thank people from across politics for their messages of support, all of which have been very helpful as Lynne and John face this challenge.

John continues to undergo treatment for his cancer including a course of chemotherapy.

This treatment means John will remain unavailable for parliamentary duties. His absence is now likely to extend into June.

John would like to thank his parliamentary colleagues and their staff for undertaking the additional duties of acting spokespersons in his absence.