Osman Faruqi

Osman Faruqi, Candidate for Heffron

Osman Faruqi

Candidate for Heffron

In the 2015 NSW election as the Greens candidate for Heffron I will be fighting for a fairer and more environmentally sustainable NSW. I’ll be campaigning for better public services like public schools, TAFE and emergency services in the face of privatisations and closures. Clean, affordable public transport and opposing the $15 billion WestConnex motorway is also a key campaign priority.

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Osman Faruqi joined the Greens when he was a teenager living on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. After learning about the threat of climate change and the consequences it would have, on both his local environment and for the most disadvantaged people across the globe, he decided to get involved in politics and activism. As he became more concerned with social justice issues, rising inequality and the broken NSW political system he realised that the Greens were the only political party capable of successfully building community alliances and mobilising the grassroots to fight for real, progressive change.

Why Osman is running for Heffron

The 2015 state election presents a unique opportunity for The Greens to connect with hundreds of thousands of voters across Sydney and NSW. After a decade of run-down public services, mismanagement and political corruption under the NSW Labor Party, the community has had to  put up with a Coalition government intent on privatising our public assets, attacking our environment and slashing funding out of front line public services like health, education and emergency services.

As a local Alexandria resident, Osman has a strong connection to the Heffron electorate. It’s the first place his family lived in when they moved to Australia more than twenty years ago. Osman went to high school in the electorate and studied at UNSW, also in Heffron.  Whilst studying he was elected President of the Student Representative Council for two years and worked as an advocate for the more than 40,000 students on campus. He has also served as the NSW President of the National Union of Students.

The electorate of Heffron is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing areas in the state. The challenge for The Greens is to present a vision of a sustainable future for NSW that ensures the interests of the community take precedence over the interests of big business. We need to  work collectively with progressive social movements to fight for:

  • Better funding of public education, including building new schools.
  • A high quality, integrated and affordable public transport system that makes it easier to get around.
  • Strong protection of our natural environment by banning coal-seam gas mining, transitioning away from fossil fuels and conserving our marine and national parks.
  • Planning and development laws that prioritise the needs of people, not big developers.
  • A progressive social agenda including equality for the LGBTI community and promoting multiculturalism.


You can get in touch with Osman by email at heffron@nsw.greens.org.au.