Power for the future

Power for the future

O’Farrell breaks first promise, starts law and order bidding

Greens MP and lead upper house candidate David Shoebridge says the Coalition has broken its promise not to start a law and order auction by lavishing a further $200 million on more police, more police cars and a counter-terrorism helicopter.  The Greens are calling on the Coalition to divert some of the $1.4 billion NSW currently spends each year on jailing and punishing offenders to strengthening communities and keep young people out of gaol (‘O'Farrell aims to arrest crime’, Sun Herald today).

 “Mr O’Farrell’s announcement is copy cat politics, matching Premier Kristina Keneally,  and will do nothing to address the causes of crime or reduce the swelling numbers in NSW’s prisons,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens outline ‘Dental Care for All’

Greens candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh today criticised both major parties for not giving priority to the thousands of low income and disadvantaged people in the Clarence electorate still languishing on public dental waiting lists.

“The people of Clarence deserve more than what's on offer from Labor and the Coalition because adequate dental care is a right,” Ms Cavanaugh said.

Maroubra Election Campaign: Greens Call for a "Return to Steam" in Solar Power Stations for NSW.

Marourbra Greens candidate Murray Matson has called for solar power stations that will directly heat up steam to then generate electricity.

He describe the idea to build "three baseload solar thermal power stations with heat storage" as a "return to steam power". He elaborated this week,

Business Development and Youth Unemployment on the Central Coast


Greens launch 'More Justice with Fewer Gaols' plan

The Greens are today launching a plan to make communities safer and more resilient, reform our bail and sentencing laws, reduce prisoner numbers, treat mental health issues out of gaol, invest in disadvantaged communities and produce net savings of more than $620 million over the next six years.

Read the 'More Justice with Fewer Gaols' plan.

Greens MP and Lead Upper House Candidate David Shoebridge said,

“The plan is about turning around the debate on justice here in NSW. For too long NSW has been paying the price of a law and order auction between the major parties.

Coalition and Fred Nile preference deal shows convenient friendship

The decision of the Coalition not to preference Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party in the Upper House in 7 of 93 seats across NSW, because it fears a voter backlash in these seats which have a high proportion of gay and lesbian or Muslim voters,  throws the Coalition’s opportunist campaigning into stark relief, says Greens MP David Shoebridge (Disillusioned Muslims take leap of faith’, p 17 News Review, SMH today).

“In 86 of the 93 electorates the Coalition is handing out ‘how to votes’ with a clear number 2 for the the Christian Democrats on the Upper House ticket.

“The seven seats in which the Coalition has elected not to preference the Christian Democratics Party - Sydney and Coogee as well as Granville, Lakemba, Liverpool, Auburn and Bankstown - are those where the Coalition fears that being associated with the extreme views of the CDP would hurt their primary vote.

Labor hands Coalition key to door on school cost cuts

Despite Education Minister Verity Firth's denials, the Keneally government is already implementing significant parts of her department's suggested cuts to the education budget, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye ('Secret cuts to schools', Sydney Morning Herald 19 March, http://j.mp/smh110319)

Dr Kaye said: "Labor's secret agenda has been exposed and the Minister is busy denying it.

"Minister Firth says she has rejected the proposals but TAFE working conditions have been slashed, schools are being amalgamated and greater principal autonomy is being trailed.

Water security without Tillegra or desal

Greens launch vision for lower water bills, more jobs and a healthier environment for the Lower Hunter

Read the plan or the Summary.

The Greens today announced their plans to involve the Hunter community in developing a water strategy that would eliminate the need for either a desalination plant or a new dam.