New Part 4 planning laws have all the hallmarks of Part 3A

Despite the passage of legislation repealing Part 3A of the NSW Planning system, Greens  NSW MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge has accused the Premier and Planning Minister of failing in their commitment to return planning powers to local communities.
"Brad Hazzard and Barry O'Farrell can spin the truth any way they want, but the fact of the matter is the government has done little if anything to empower local government with this legislation," Mr Shoebridge said.

Lee Rhiannon reviews SBS series 'Go Back to Where You Came From'

"The debate about refugees in recent years has at times shaken my belief that compassion and empathy reside deep within the Australian soul and spirit. Go Back to Where You Came From restores my faith that these values are still alive.

Barry's backflip on cost of living

The first regulations under Barry O'Farrell's new Industrial Relations regime, released today, are a direct attack on public servants and the services they provide across NSW, said Greens NSW Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge.
"Barry O'Farrell, who campaigned on cost of living, has just made it harder for the families of 400,000 public sector workers to meet their rising living costs," Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens motion for boost to dental health passed by NSW Upper House

The NSW Legislative Council has passed a motion moved by Greens MP and dental health spokesperson Cate Faehrmann, calling on the government to increase dental health spending and to address inequities in the delivery of services.

"Having bad oral health is linked with other serious diseases, ability to find employment, general well-being and mental health," said Ms Faehrmann.

"Tooth decay is one of Australia's most costly diseases, ahead of coronary disease, hypertension and diabetes. It has wide ranging and significant impacts in the community, and hits those from the lowest socioeconomic groups, as well as regional areas, the hardest.

"The Australian Greens have a comprehensive plan for a national 'denticare'  scheme, but the NSW Government shouldn't be shirking on its responsibilities in this area. NSW has the lowest public dental funding per capita of any state or territory," said Ms Faehrmann.

O'Farrell's sweet pay off for Shooters Party

Just days after the Shooters Party's support of the government's public sector wages legislation, the government has opened up more than 140 State Forests for recreational hunting for an unprecedented 10 years.  Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge said:
"This last minute Friday declaration opening up over 140 state forests open to recreational hunters for an unprecedented 10 years is a clear pay off for the Shooters' Party support for the government's public sector wages bill.
"Minister Hodgkinson did not invite public submissions on the proposal. Instead it appears that the prospect of 10 years of blood sports in our state forests was left open as an inducement for the Shooters to sign up to the government's radical IR laws.

Secret documents reveal ports headache for Shenhua coal

Documents obtained by the Greens show that Chinese coal giant Shenhua has been in discussions with the NSW Government and port authorities to find a way to export coal from their proposed mine on the Liverpool Plains, including a Port Kembla option.

The documents ( obtained through a 'call for papers' in the NSW Parliament, reveal that Shenhua has missed out on an allocation for the Newcastle coal loader and are therefore looking at exporting the coal through Port Kembla, possibly constructing hundreds of kilometres of new rail line.  To make this option viable, Shenhua would need further coal fields in Southern NSW and the NSW Government is helping to provide options for such an expansion.

Solar Flagship fails to ignite NSW renewable future

While the investment in renewable energy under the Solar Flagships Program is a big step in the right direction, the Moree project is second best to a stand-alone solar thermal power station with energy storage capacity to contribute to the overnight load, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye. ('Giant solar energy plants to run 100,000 homes' Sydney Morning Herald 20 June, page  4,
Dr Kaye said: "Queensland scored the premium project with more jobs, greater technical challenges and rewards and a much brighter future.

NSW high air pollution - urgent need for new woodheater standards

The Greens have called for the efforts in improving vehicle emissions standards to be extended to woodheaters, responsible for more than a third of hazardous fine particle emissions in Sydney and two-thirds in Canberra. (Sydney Morning Herald, 16 June 2011)

Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

You are cordially invited to the

The Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture, initiated by Greens NSW Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, is in its 11th year.

This year’s guest speaker is Dr Leslie Cannold. She will speak on ‘How can Australians draw a clear line between Church and State and why does such a separation matter, anyway?’.

Leslie is an author, columnist, ethicist and researcher. In 2005 she was noted as one of Australia's top 20 public intellectuals and in 2011 she was made Australian Humanist of the Year.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi, civil and environmental engineer and sustainability expert, will speak on the life and times of Juanita Nielsen.

Juanita Nielsen was the publisher of the independent newspaper NOW and active campaigner against high-rise development in Kings Cross. Juanita disappeared in July 1975. A coronial inquest determined that Nielsen had been murdered. In 1994 the Commonwealth Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority further castigated investigative ineptitude in the case and emphasised links between her presumed murder, property developers and local criminals.

Date - Tuesday 28 June 2011
Time - 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location - Mori Gallery, 168 Day Street, Sydney
Enquiries –  (02) 9045 6999

Greens call on Serco to release Villawood staffing rosters