Greens candidate demands clean up of Evans Head effluent

Greens senator-elect, Lee Rhiannon, today joined with Greens candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh, to outline alternatives to the proposed ebb-tide discharge in the Evans River for disposing the effluent from the Evans Head sewerage treatment works.

Ms Rhiannon said: “The treatment of sewerage at Evans Head has been a long-running saga that I followed while in the NSW Parliament.

Greens challenge O’Farrell on missing pieces of Coalition’s open govt plan

Greens NSW MP and Lead Upper House candidate David Shoebridge is today challenging Barry O’Farrell to restore confidence in NSW politics and sign on to the Greens 6 point Plan for Open and Accountable Government, including a cooling off period to stop the revolving door between government and private sector, expanding the pecuniary interest register to require MPs to include financial interests of spouses and next of kin and committing to increase the number of sitting days.

Read the plan here.

Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell has been touting the Coalition’s determination to clean up NSW politics yet he remains tight-lipped about key areas of open government”, said Greens NSW MP and Lead Upper House candidate David Shoebridge.

Greens Launch Inner West Transport Plan

Launching the Greens' Inner West Transport Plan, Greens candidate for Marrickville Fiona Byrne said that while compared to parts of Sydney the Inner West is relatively well-served in regards to public transport, there is still much more work to be done.

The Coalition circus is in town

The Coalition are using a truck to spread their climate change denial scare campaign.

Greens Push for Increased Access to Public Transport

Greens candidate calls for B-Doubles to be restricted from the Mid-Western Highway

Greens candidate for Bathurst, Diane Solomon Westerhuis, today highlighted the need for B-Doubles to be taken off the road following incidents both yesterday and today on the Mid Western Highway.


“Clearly the road between Bathurst and Blayney, particularly at Fitzgerald’s Mount, is not capable of carrying B-Doubles,” Dr Westerhuis said today.  

Sunday brunch with David Shoebridge

"With the NSW Election close - Saturday 26th March - Simon Marnie dedicates the Sunday Brunch to three parties in the running.

Listen to ABC's Sunday brunch interview with David Shoebridge.

Over the past three weeks Simon has visited the home of Kristina Keneally (Labor), Barry O'Farrell (Liberal) and now David Shoebridge (Greens). Each time, Simon has left politics at the front door and found out a little more about the person behind the Party. Today, it's Greens Candidate David Shoebridge who opened his home to 702 and Simon Marnie for this week's Sunday Brunch."


‘Policy, not my address’ is key

Originally posted by The Border Mail.

Story by Anthony Bunn

Industry warning ignores external costs of mining - Greens

An industry warning that NSW could lose up to $22 billion in investment if restrictions are placed on the expansion of mining over the next parliamentary term (The Australian ), ignores the external environmental and human costs the community bears, according to Greens MP and mining spokesperson Cate Faehrmann.

“This warning ignores the external costs of mining, such as those to human health and the cost of losing productive farmland. It’s time the industry was required to factor in all the costs of the rapid expansion of the coal and gas industry," said Ms Faehrmann.

“What is the true cost of losing thousands of hectares of productive agricultural land?

Making NSW smile again

Fiona Byrne, The Greens candidate for Marrickville, today launched The Greens' ‘Dental Care for All’ policy platform that aims to bring relief to the 132,800 people currently on waiting lists for general dental services in NSW.