Sell, sell, sell Barry told by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia

A lobby group for large developers, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, is calling on a Coalition government to undertake large scale asset privatisation, contract out buses and ferries and deliver significant cuts in conditions, wages and jobs in the public sector, says Greens MP and lead upper house candidate David Shoebridge. The Greens are calling on Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell to reject this developer friendly, anti-services future for NSW (The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald today).

“In the absence of any detailed Coalition policy this is the best insight the public has into the Coalition’s post election agenda,” Mr Shoebridge. “The corporate members of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia have traditionally been significant donors to the Coalition. In the recent July-December 2009 reporting period, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia donated $7655 to the NSW Liberal Party.

Revitalising Regional NSW

The Greens have a 7 point plan to revitalise regional NSW, including the Green Jobs Plan to Get Freight Back on Track.

Read the full plan.

“This is a plan to invest at least 5% of RTA annual budget to restore and reopen rural branch lines and create a windfall of regional green jobs in the process," said Greens Upper House candidate and regional spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham when launching the plan today in Orange.

1.    Green Jobs Plan to Get Freight Back on Track
The Greens would invest at least 5% of the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) budget for the next 5 years to restore and reopen rural branch lines around NSW to maximise the amount of freight that moves by rail.

2.    Re-build public transport
Regional NSW needs a safe, reliable and affordable public transport system.

3.    Safeguard prime food-producing land for future generations
High quality farming land is a finite, limited and precious resource, which The Greens want to protect.

4.    Water security for the environment and agriculture
The Greens are committed to ensuring the Murray Darling Basin and its communities are revitalised and returned to a healthy and prosperous state.

5.    Stronger public health services
People in regional NSW experience poorer health outcomes than the NSW average, which is why The Greens want more local treatment options.

6.    Quality public education
The Greens are committed to investing in public schools and TAFE in regional areas and to reduce youth unemployment and create a strong regional economy.

7.    A thriving economy and jobs-rich regional NSW
The Greens want to attracting people back to regional NSW with quality jobs in diverse fields with good pay and conditions.

Greens launch water efficiency plan


Greens launch water efficiency plan

Greens MP John Kaye and Greens candidate for Marrickville Fiona Byrne today launched the Greens campaign policy for more government spending on domestic water efficiency and reuse measures to bring down household bills and prepare Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra for the inevitable next drought.

Read the Water Efficiency Plan here.

Key measures include increasing the number of households participating in Sydney Water's efficiency programs, requiring outdoor pool owners install rainwater tanks and pool covers, ensuring all new medium and large scale housing developments install 'next generation' on-site neighbourhood and precinct local treatment and reuse systems and reinstating and promoting the water wise ‘Love Your Garden Program’ axed by the Keneally government.

No plan or intent to "push" GBDS in State Parliament


Remnants of Gondwana now in Casino Library

Greens candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh has called for greater State government funding to local government so that libraries can carry out their important role in the community.

She made this call after donating a new book to the Richmond – Upper Clarence Regional Library. The donated book is ‘Remnants of Gondwana’, a guide to the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, which was co-edited by Ms Cavanaugh.

Greens propose Light Rail for Sydney’s West

Greens MP and lead Upper House candidate David Shoebridge, speaking at a WSROC Western Sydney Transport Forum this morning, has promised the Greens will push for a $8 million feasibility and scoping study for light rail in Western Sydney, providing much needed North South public transport linkages in the area.

"Light rail can be a key transport solution for Sydney’s West, providing fast, reliable, environmentally sustainable transport,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“The Greens proposal is for a light right corridor between Campbelltown and Penrith and Penrith to Richmond, where minimal public transport options now exist.

O’Farrell’s election contract fails the environment, local jobs and public services

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge says Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell’s contract with voters has gaping holes in the areas of the environment, protection of local jobs and services from outsourcing and ensuring public services are not privatised  (‘Barry O'Farrell's challenge to keep him honest on promises’, Daily Telegraph today,

“What’s missing from Mr O’Farrell’s contract is the fine print, which he is keeping in his bottom drawer until after the election. Five broad promises will give the people of NSW no protection from the Coalition’s post-election agenda,” Mr Shoebridge said.

"Mr O'Farrell’s contract fails to keep NSW jobs and services safe from outsourcing and privatisation or tackle climate change and protect our national parks from grazing, mining, hunting and logging.

Revitalise our heartlands – Greens launch plan for regional NSW

Greens Upper House candidate and Orange City Councillor Jeremy Buckingham today joined with The Greens candidate for Orange Stephen Nugent to launch the Greens plan to revitalize regional NSW.

Mr Buckingham launched the package at Orange in Central NSW today and will be touring western and central NSW talking with local communities about the Greens plan.

Greens candidate announces: “no preference deal”


Greens candidate for Barwon, Ian George, today announced that he would not be directing preferences in the upcoming state election, instead leaving it up to voters to allocate preferences in both the Upper and Lower Houses.