Greens go it alone in the Bathurst Electorate

Greens candidate for Bathurst Diane Solomon Westerhuis has announced that The Greens will not be directing any preferences to the Nationals, Labor or any other party in the forthcoming State election on March 26.


“Like many people across NSW, the Greens have been deeply disappointed by Labor’s many failures over the last sixteen years, and their disastrous attempt at privatising our electricity system was a final straw,” Dr. Westerhuis said.


“After sixteen years in opposition, and despite ample opportunity, the Coalition has come up with no credible reasons to support them. Many of their policies look like a re-run of Labor's failed agenda. Therefore I cannot ethically recommend preferences for either party. I urge voters to fully exercise their own voice, and their own democratic choice, by deciding their own preferences,” she said.

No preferences from the Greens

“The Labor and Liberal parties are desperate to stop voters from going to the Greens,” said Greens candidate for Rockdale Lauren Moore.

The Greens in Rockdale have decided not to preference either of the two major parties. The Greens NSW state headquarters has also said it will not direct preferences to Labor or the Coalition.

Secret approval for 90 wells as the coal seam gas rush gains pace in NSW

Greens MP and mining spokesperson Cate Faehrmann says an approval by the NSW Government for up to 90 coal seam gas wells, processing centre and pipeline near Gloucester has been shrouded in secrecy.

"How is it that a very concerned community, who are keeping a close eye on the project, could not have known about this being approved?" said Ms Faehrmann.

"It appears the approval determination was not published on the Department's website until yesterday, despite it taking effect on February 22nd.

Government junks remediation laws for Barangaroo

Amidst a court battle regarding contamination at Barangaroo, the Minister for Planning Mr Tony Kelly today issued an order that effectively excises Barangaroo from the Department's own planning laws for managing contamination.

Greens MP, planning spokesperson and lead upper house candidate David Shoebridge said, "With the government moving in to caretaker mode on Friday, the NSW Planning Minister has delivered one last favour for the developer lobby.

“The court case enquiring into the contamination issues at the site and their health and environmental impacts has already had 6 days of hearings and a judgment is expected in the very near future.

Randwick Green Mayor Robbed of His Colour by Police Minister

There are hundreds of green election posters across the seat of Marourba, but they all feature a beaming picture of Labor Police Minister Michael Daley.

Matson points out that he has spent years extending the Greens profile in this area of Sydney since being elected to Council in 1995. He now resents Daley “robbing him of his colour”. He said today,

Energy efficiency programs key to slashing electricity bills

Greens MP and upper house candidate David Shoebridge said today new analysis confirms that government investment in energy efficiency programs is key to cutting household power bills and that NSW Labor and the Coalition are pursuing a band-aid solution in rebates (‘Power bills to increase under rebate scheme’, p 1, SMH

“The annual report of the Climate Change Fund scheme shows energy efficiency programs save $4 for every $1 invested and that slashing these programs to pay for the rebate makes poor economic sense,” Mr Shoebridge said.

High Speed Rail Looks Likely

Greens Call for Community Support of Clean Up Australia Day

Greens candidate for Orange, Stephen Nugent, is encouraging communities across the electorate to get involved in Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday March 6. This year is the 21st anniversary of what has become the largest community participation event in Australia.

Making Fast Trains a Reality

Greens Policies Best for Fishers and Farmers

Greens Policies Best for Fishers and Farmers

The Greens candidate for Oxley, Jeremy Bradley, took the concerns of local fishers and farmers to his party’s State Delegates Council in Gosford over the weekend.