NSW Government Repeating M5 Mistakes with WestConnex and NorthConnex

Greens MP and Roads Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has stated that the Government is repeating the mistakes of the M5 with the expensive and unnecessary WestConnex and NorthConnex projects.
Dr Faruqi said:
"NSW Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, has today said that M5 East Tunnel is a monument on how roads should not be constructed, whilst at the same time wasting billions of dollars on wasteful motorways and polluting smokestacks.

Greens MP Urges Government to heed CSIRO Report on Litter and Introduce Container Deposit Scheme

Greens MP and Environment Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has urged the NSW Government to listen to CSIRO and introduce a Container Deposit Scheme. The CSIRO report, 'Understanding the Effects of Marine Debris on Wildlife' released today calls the South Australian container deposit scheme  "an effective policy for reducing litter" which has led to South Australia having the lowest proportion of beverage container litter in cleanups in Australia, three times less than NSW, which has the highest proportion.
Dr Faruqi said:
"Today's CSIRO report shows that NSW has the highest proportion of beverage containers on clean-up sites, and South Australia the lowest. This should be a wakeup call for the NSW Government to introduce a South-Australian style container deposit scheme to prevent beverage litter.
"CSIRO has specifically identified the Container Deposit Scheme as an effective policy in reducing litter in South Australia so there is absolutely no reason why the NSW Government hasn't acted on this.

Greens Senator Rhiannon in Gloucester, backs opposition to AGL frack plan

Greens Senator and water spokesperson Lee Rhiannon will be in Gloucester today to support community protests over AGL's plan to frack for coal seam gas in the region.
"This is a high risk project which should never have been approved," said Senator Rhiannon.
"AGL is putting the communities' health and water at risk all for the sake of increasing exports. This is not a fair deal, especially for the people who have to live next to the wells.
"I am in Gloucester to listen to the community and hear their concerns about the project. It is a shame that NSW government representatives are not working with the community to represent their concerns.
"That AGL's own hydro ecologist has identified this project as high risk should be ringing alarm bells in the NSW government.

As ICAC wraps NSW Liberals' crisis deepens

This afternoon as Operation Spicer wraps up, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has taken a tenth scalp from the NSW Liberal party. Member for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann, has finally stood aside after allegations of secret funding from developers, doctoring receipts and tax evasion.
"Craig Baumann's resignation from his party highlights the extraordinary depth of corruption in the NSW Liberal party that has been exposed by ICAC," said Greens MP Jamie Parker. "The unprecedented count is now ten NSW Liberals to stand aside or resign from parliament."
"ICAC has revealed a culture of criminality and corruption in both the NSW Labor and Liberal parties in the race for political donations.

Wollombi community deserted by govt MPs in battle to save Public School

Liberals and Nationals MPs refused to accept a Greens motion supporting the unanimous resolution of the Wollombi community meeting to discuss the future of their local public school.

Greens NSW MP John Kaye, who attended the community meeting held on Tuesday 2nd September at Wollombi Community Hall, moved the motion (text below) in the NSW Upper House. It was blocked by Coalition MPs.

NSW Upper House supports ongoing recognition of forced adoption practices

Greens MP and spokesperson on Family and Community Services, Jan Barham, has welcomed the NSW Legislative Council's passage of her motion calling for recognition of forced adoption practices.
"September 20 will be the second anniversary of the NSW Government's apology for past forced adoption practices. I am gratified and deeply moved that the Upper House has supported the call for continued acts of recognition," Ms Barham said.
"The NSW apology, along with the apologies by the Australian Government and other states and territories, were profound acts of recognition our past mistakes. But just as the impacts of forced adoptions were lifelong, the apologies should be followed by ongoing efforts to remember and understand the harms caused to many parents and children.

Fred Nile “ban the burqa” Bill offensive and divisive dog-whistling

Greens NSW MP and spokesperson for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women Dr Mehreen Farqui has condemned the Reverend Fred Nile introducing legislation to ban full-face coverings, with his speech focussed primarily on banning Muslim women from wearing burqas.
“Whether it’s the right to abortion or wearing clothing of their choice, Reverend Nile seems obsessed with what women do with their bodies,” Dr Faruqi said.
“We live in a society where people have the right to wear what they want.
“Muslim women have the right to freedom of choice, just like every other Australian.

Door opens to NSW's first uranium mine

The NSW Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts has announced six companies have been invited to explore for uranium in NSW.
Whilst the ban on uranium mining is still in place, the 26-year ban on exploration was overturned by then-Premier Barry O'Farrell two years ago.
"Let's not be in any doubt about what's going on here. This opens the door to NSW's first uranium mine," says Greens MP and uranium spokesperson, Jamie Parker.
"It's an outrageous decision which is short-sighted and ignores the warnings of scientists, public health professionals and economists.

Crisis in public high school capacity years in the making

After years of neglect by Labor, the Liberal state government is now compounding the problem with its continued failure to bring forward solutions to the capacity problem.
"The data in today's Sydney Morning Herald article is not new," said Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain. "In my electorate alone there is a projected increase of 1000 students over the next five years.

Auswide collapse a sign of things to come under Baird govt’s TAFE privatisation future

The Baird government’s ‘Smart and Skilled’ reforms of the vocational education and training will make the Auswide Merimbula experience the norm rather than the exception, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.
Dr Kaye said: “The demise of Auswide Merimbula is an unfortunate reminder of the fragility and unreliability of private training providers.
“Private training providers will put their budget bottom lines ahead of their employees’ job security and their students’ right to complete the course that they paid good money for.
“The loss of local jobs from Auswide is another blow to the South East NSW economy.