Polling reveals widespread opposition to coal seam gas

Rally against coal seam gas mining: Sunday 18 September 11am Camperdown Park
A new poll by Galaxy Research has revealed widespread opposition to coal seam gas in Australia.
Greens MP Jamie Parker says the nationwide poll provides support to Sydney's inner west residents, who have already voiced strong opposition to coal seam mining.
"Local residents are rightly concerned about coal seam gas. Dart Energy plans to drill in St Peters and the coal seam gas industry has  admitted that extraction will inevitably contaminate aquifers. This could affect a number of surrounding suburbs," said Mr Parker.
The poll found 70% wanted coal seam gas mining prohibited in cities and towns. In NSW 74% supported a moratorium on coal seam gas  mining.  



Professor Lesley Hughes, Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University and Lead Councillor, Climate Council

Professor Manfred Lenzen, Professor of Sustainability Research, Faculty of Science, the University of Sydney

Open Forum: Is The Environment No Longer Important: Green Sound or White Noise?


  • Contact Details: Mark 95171206, Noel 93322886
  • Event Dates: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 2:30pm - 6:00pm
  • Location: Oxford St Paddington, Sydney
  • Venue: Lvl 2 Imperial Hotel


Continental Philosophy Group, Lvl 2 Imperial Hotel, Oxford St Paddington.


Greens at Agquip

Greens at Agquip

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Greens. Reboot. Future.


Reboot is for anyone asking big questions about what's wrong with our society and what we, together, can do about it. The Greens are excited to bring together great speakers and big topics and want you to join in. Help us maintain our grassroots democratic approach to social change and develop our principles of peace, sustainability and social justice.

Film screening & panel: Aim High in Creation!


Selected from over 400 films by the world’s most prestigious documentary film festival, IDFA (Amsterdam) as the film “which highlighted and raised awareness of environmental issues in the most unique and entertaining way”. Aim High in Creation! has played to packed houses and resounding applause in film festivals around the world.

Cull, Contain or Compassion?


Have we lost our connection with and empathy for animals that foolishly get in our way?

Do animals feel only when we have feelings for them? Do they have value only when they are our pets or make us money? When we study them for science, is their capture and release never without lethal or long-term consequence?

Remembering Fukushima - Three Years On - 'Radioactivists' film screening


What: Radioactivists, Film Screening (Japanese with English subtitles)
When: 7pm Tuesday 11 March 2014

Remembering Fukushima - Three Years On - 'Surviving Japan' by Director Christopher Nolan


Remembering Fukushima - Three Years On

Special Sydney screening of soon to be released film 'Surviving Japan' by Director Christopher Nolan