Baird's budget exposed: unlimited cuts to public sector jobs and services

NSW public sector workers and the communities that depend on the services they provide face a bleak winter after one of Treasurer Mike Baird officials has been caught admitting there will be no caps on the number of positions scrapped, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Greens amendments to protect Firefighters and Paramedics

Barry O'Farrell's savage cuts to workers compensation passed the NSW Parliament late last night despite opposition from both the Greens and the NSW ALP, but benefits for firefighters and paramedics were protected due to successful Greens' amendments to protect emergency service workers.

Greens NSW MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

Firefighters and paramedics at risk

The Greens are seeking crossbench support for an amendment to the O'Farrell government's changes to the workers compensation scheme which would see firefighters and paramedics receive the same protections as police and other emergency services personnel.

Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge said:

Motion condemns Premier for misleading on compo

NSW Premier Barr O'Farrell's comments on ABC radio regarding the retrospectivity of the government's amendments to the NSW workers compensation scheme are misleading, according to Greens NSW Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge.

Fairfax restructure threatens integrity of NSW politics

The Greens will be moving in the NSW parliament this week to condemn the changes at Fairfax that threaten the quality and independence of news reporting and current affairs in this state.

NSW Upper House passes motion of support to Fairfax workers

The NSW Upper House unanimously called on Fairfax management to abandon its plans to outsource local jobs in the Hunter and Illawarra regions to New Zealand.
Dr Kaye, who moved the motion, said: "The NSW Upper House has today thrown its support behind Fairfax workers in their struggle against management's outsourcing plans.

Sham WorkCover committee ignores workers' rights

The report into the NSW workers compensation scheme released today is a flawed product not reflecting the real issues with the scheme in NSW, according to Greens NSW Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge.

Public services sacrificed to O'Farrell's budget surplus obsession

Not content with slashing public sector wages and conditions and introducing punitive measures designed to undermine the union movement in NSW, the O'Farrell government is now preparing to cut a further 10,000 jobs.

Keep Fairfax jobs, maintain quality reporting

The O'Farrell government this morning refused to allow a vote in the Upper House on a Greens motion of solidarity with the Fairfax staff who have walked off the job in protest at management's decision to outsource 66 local jobs to New Zealand (See motion below).

Equal pay at mercy of NSW Government surplus

The lack of funds put aside in the NSW budget to fund the outcomes of the ASU's equal pay case means that if the government does contribute to any pay rise that is awarded, then the projected NSW budget surplus will simply disappear.  
"Either the government is being deceitful about its surplus, or it has abandoned any commitment to fund pay equity," Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge said.
"The government has projected surpluses from 2013 onwards of an average $200 million per annum.  But there is no allowance in this budget to fund the outcome of the equal pay case.
"These figures mean that something has to give and there is a real concern amongst the community services sector that it will be equal pay for women in the community sector.