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Living in the Riverina since 1987, Kevin has worked as a theatre designer, director and writer and as a shop assistant, telephone operator, university lecturer and union organiser. An active player on environmental issues, in the union movement and the arts, Kevin is passionate about building a sustainable and just future. 

Philippa Clark Greens for Banks

Candidate for Banks

Philippa Clark is candidate for Banks in the 2016 Federal election.

Brent Herber NSW Greens for Barton

Candidate for Barton

Greens candidate Brent Heber is a true Barton local. He lives here, he’s raising a family here and he’s part of our thriving multicultural community. He’s committed to education, cultural diversity and the sustainable transport and employment solutions that are vital to the people of Barton in 2016.

Candidate for Bennelong

Emme Heyde Greens For Berowra

Candidate for Berowra

I care passionately about our young people and the world they will inherit.

The Greens have strong policies on the things I care most about: climate change, jobs and education. 

I am an authentic voice for the community from a party with a record of standing up for what matters.

Candidate for Blaxland

Suzan Virago is a community activist, blue-collar worker and Bankstown area resident for over 19 years. As a candidate for the Greens Sue will be advocating for a compassionate response to the global refugee crisis. Sue is also invested in a fairer more equitable Australia. Issues close to her heart include marriage equality, rights for women and workers, particularly the protection of penalty rates.

Adrian Jones - Greens for Bradfield

Candidate for Bradfield

Adrian is passionate about building a sustainable future and preserving Bradfield’s green spaces. As a gay man, he finds himself affected by the same sex marriage debate, and is a strong supporter of gender equality. Outside of politics, he works as an occupational therapist at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Candidate for Calare

As a mother of three and having worked with children and young people all of my working life I believe that The Greens are the only party that have the policies that will ensure our children have the chance of securing the healthy, sustainable future that they deserve.

Candidate for Canterbury

Eliza James Greens for Chifley

Candidate for Chifley

I'm your Greens candidate for Chifley for the upcoming federal election. I'm a town planning student from Western Sydney University, a Girl Guide leader, an activist and a retail worker.

Candidate for Cook

My name is Nathan Hunt. I have I lived in the area my whole life and I’m running for The Greens in Seat of Cook to protect what I have enjoyed for future generations. Only The Greens have the polices to take us forward into the 21st century. 

Candidate for Cook

Candidate For Cunningham

I’m passionate about practical things we can do to have a fair and healthy place to live, work and play. I work in a small business, and have a background in environmental science and education for sustainability. Corporate donations corrupt our political system. If we stop subsidising mining, we will see a boom in renewable energy and long term sustainable jobs.

Candidate for Dobell

Abigail Boyd is a specialist in global financial regulation, working primarily from her home on the Central Coast where she lives with her husband and two young children. In addition to lobbying for strong action on climate change, Abigail is passionate about creating a level playing field for all Australians through a fairer tax system and reinvestment in health and education.

Tamara Ryan Greens for Eden - Monaro

Candidate for Eden-Monaro

Tamara has worked in law for eight years and is shortly seeking admission as a solicitor. She has volunteered in Palestine and as a mentor to students in her local community, the Bega Valley. Tamara has studied humanities and is a keen advocate for social and economic justice, believing Greens are best placed to deliver that.

Bill Cashman Greens for Fowler

Candidate for Fowler

I'm keen to deliver a sustainable, Green future for the people of Fowler.

Candidate for Gilmore

I have been a Greens member since 2004 and have twice been a candidate for The Greens in the Blue Mountains.

I am a pharmacist and am married with four adult children.

I am vice president of my professional association and sit on the NSW Labour Council.

It is my desire to see an Australian Society based on ecological sustainability, social equality, economic justice and peace and non violence.

Jim Casey Greens for Grayndler

Candidate for Grayndler

As a firefighter I have seen with my own eyes increased extreme weather behaviour brought about by climate change and global warming.  We need action now.

Chris Winslow Greens for Greenway

Candidate for Greenway

I’m Chris Winslow, the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Greenway. For 20 years I’ve worked in public affairs roles for the NSW Bar Association, promoting the rule of law and access to justice.

Candidate for Hughes

Michalea Sherwood Greens for Hume

Candidate For Hume

I’ve been an environmentalist for many years and hold a B.Sc in biology. I’m concerned about the effects of climate change on bio-systems, including agriculture and human health.

Being a transgender woman and also from a working-class family, I am a strong advocate for social justice and acceptance of diversity.

Candidate For Hunter

I am a retired TAFE teacher and have lived in the Lower Hunter for most of my life. I have been active for many years on environmental matters and I’m keen to work on social justice issues.

Jame MacDonald Greens for Kingsford Smith

Candidate for Kingsford Smith

I'm a data scientist and activist with a passion for social justice and sustainability. I'm running because the gap between rich and poor grows ever-wider, we are squandering our best chance to deal with climate change, and our political system skews towards vested interests.

Candidate for Lindsay

I promise to work to build local industry, protect both community values and essential public service entitlements. I have mature experience in investment banking and electricity generation engineering and now owns  a local based law firm that also represents disadvantaged persons. I will represent the electorate with clear and effective advocacy and big budget management skills. I joined the Greens after convening successful national campaigns known as Project 18C and from the Asian Australia Alliance.

Candidate for Lyne

Julie Lyford OAM is a strong, dedicated and experienced advocate for rural and regional communities.

Candidate for Macarthur

I am a scientist and activist with a passion for social and economic justice, and a track record of fighting for Western Sydney. I champion public education, public services and a democratic economy to ensure a fair go for all, and I believe the Greens are the best choice for Macarthur.

Candidate for Mackellar

I am delighted to be standing for the Greens in the federal seat of Mackellar. Open and ethical government is one of my highest priorities.

Clean energy and a clean economy driven by education, research, innovation and enterprise are central to the Greens agenda, coupled with an emphasis on equality and fairness.

Small business is the bedrock of our local community and I will be working hard to support it.

We also desperately need to restore confidence in government so I'm determined to campaign for open and ethical politics. We need to start a national conversation about how to improve our democracy.

Candidate for Macquarie

Living in the beautiful Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is a great privilege, and it must be protected from inappropriate development including the Western Sydney Airport.

Candidate for McMahon

As The Greens candidate for McMahon, I will work to ensure that McMahon is part of a fair, compassionate and tolerant society that cares for our environment and acts to minimise climate change and protect our children's future.

Candidate for Mitchell

I am an engineer, specialized in the fields of refrigeration and energy, and the local consulting engineering practice that I run is focussed on improving environmental and financial outcomes for our clients, by increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy, reducing energy wastage and using natural and benign refrigerants. I am a long-term resident of Glenhaven and an active member of the community. I practice what I preach and seek to be an example to my community by minimising my home energy use, recycling and repurposing rather than buying new, growing my own produce, and riding my bike to work whenever I can, even when the hills in Glenhaven make that a little hard.

Candidate for New England

Greens want healthy land and water for farmers, plus strong public schools, TAFEs and universities to help our region prosper. My daily work as a teacher keeps me in touch with hundreds of local families. I have called New England home since 2010. My father was educated in Armidale and I grew up around the Hunter Valley and Sydney. 

Candidate for Newcastle

Dr John Mackenzie is a father, a social scientist, a community campaigner, and a lifelong advocate of progressive politics, social justice and environmental sustainability. He has over fifteen years experience in academic, government and consulting roles, using his expertise in engagement and negotiation to bring communities together to find solutions to complex, divisive and intractable natural resource management problems.

Candidate for North Sydney

I am proud to be standing for the Greens in North Sydney. We stand for real action on global warming, protection of our environment, investment in public education, reducing inequality with tax reform and getting rid of political corruption.

Candidate for Page

The Page Greens campaign is about giving voters a real alternative to the old parties. The Greens are the only party that aren't reliant on political donations from the big end of town, and are serious about tackling political corruption. We are also the only party with a clear vision for a jobs rich renewable energy future.

Matt Parmeter NSW Greens

Candidate for Parkes

Matt is a civil engineer, working for the NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water.  Matt deals with town water supply and sewerage, assisting local Councils right across the electorate.  Water is an important issue in the Parkes electorate, and Matt continues to work hard ensuring that the towns he deals with have a reliable water supply.

Candidate for Parramatta

I’m excited about the opportunity for The Greens to significantly increase our vote with our brand of clean politics and clean energy promising to transform Parramatta into a vibrant, jobs rich, renewable energy futuristic city. The Greens will also better promote improved public services, Parramatta's world significant heritage as a tourism magnet, the arts and music.

Candidate for Paterson

It' s all about the future - sustainability, education, jobs and climate change. We must provide for future generations by protecting our water resources from toxic waste and coal seam gas. The jobs are in renewable energy and our schools need to be adequately funded. An end to coalmining will help save our planet.

Candidate for Reid

For me, being a Greens candidate means advocating for humane policies to protect displaced people and relying on evidence-based, rational policies that care about people rather than profits.  I am a lawyer who joined the Greens in disgust at Federal refugee offshore processing. The Greens have sensible policies on all the relevant issues, which they promote proactively.

Candidate for Robertson

Hillary has a passion for the environment, is a keen advocate for renewable energy and understands the complexities the residents of Robertson face concerning employment, transport, affordable housing, and infrastructure funding.

Candidate for Shortland

Ivan is an environmental activist, avid protector of the ocean and the Greens Lake Macquarie candidate for the state seat of Shortland. 

Sylvie Elsmore - Greens for Sydney

Candidate for Sydney

Sylvie Ellsmore is a Native Title lawyer and former local councillor, who grew up in the Glebe area and lives in Newtown.

Jane Oakley, Candidate for Charlestown

Candidate for the Senate

We need politicians to be genuine representatives of the community who hold the same values as the community and who act in the best interests of the community. As Greens candidate I will continue our long history of standing up for community interests.

Michael Osborne, Candidate for Newcastle

Candidate for the Senate

I have the experience and determination to create a Green vision for Newcastle and the people of NSW - a fair and sustainable society.

Candidate for Warringah

Clara is a young Warringah local who is passionate about the future. A fresh voice in politics, she embraces the many new opportunities emerging to protect our environment, while continuing to grow our economy. With the Greens, she stands for meeting the needs of today, without jeopardising our future.

Candidate for Watson

I have been a political activist all my adult life, campaigning on social justice issues. I have worked with migrants and refugees in the school and TAFE sectors, as well as teaching in the Communications degree at UTS. I have lived in the Canterbury area for over twenty years.

Dejay Toborek Greens Candidate for Wentworth

Candidate for Wentworth

Dejay Toborek, is an active member of the Sydney performing arts & theatre industry. Over the past 15 years he has become a vocal activist on issues such as environmental & heritage conservation, climate change, animal rights, refugees, marriage equality, indigenous rights, GLBTQI rights, public education, renewable energy, plastic waste and fossil fuels.

Candidate for Werriwa

I believe the people of Werriwa deserve every opportunity to move forward and build a brighter, healthier, greener sustainable future for all.

Candidate For Whitlam

I am a long term  resident of this electorate, with experience in both steelmaking and sustainable transport. My passion is to reduce our impact on the  environment and to improve the way our country is run.

Senator for NSW

Lee is an Australian Greens Senator for NSW. Prior to this, she was a Greens MP in NSW Parliament for over a decade.  Lee spent this time pursuing reform in key areas like the environment, mining, public education, industrial relations and public transport. One of her most influential campaigns has been to stop the corrupting influence of political donations.