Conversation toolkit

With voting now open, we need more than a Facebook share or a retweet. We need you to pick up the phone. We need you to talk to your friends while you're waiting in line to vote.

Personal contact from people we know and trust is the most persuasive communication there is, so you have a critical role to play in the last days of the campaign. 

If just 500 of you tell just five people why you’re voting for the Greens and why you believe in our vision for NSW, we can reach an extra 2500 voters.  

Here's answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear when we talk to people. Can we count on you to talk to five friends?

Our videos might help get you started: check out our What Matters project.

A fairer NSW

When you're talking with your friends and family, listen to their concerns about the election. We've been talking with thousands of people in the last few weeks and most of them are concerned about corruption in NSW politics, public transport and keeping our public assets in public hands.

What you can say

Life is tough. Everyone's under pressure — and it just seems to be getting worse under Tony Abbott. 

It doesn't help when State politicians are in it for themselves and their boardroom buddies rather than us, the people.

The Greens will provide a strong voice in the NSW parliament that will represent people, not profits.

On Corruption

  • The Greens are the only major party that hasn't been hauled in front of ICAC, the Independent Commission Against Corruption.
  • The NSW Greens don't take corporate donations; instead we're funded with smaller donations from people like you.
  • The Greens will ban corporate donations to political parties in NSW.
  • The Greens want to end the dodgy backroom deals by making minutes from meetings with lobbyists readily available to all.


On Public Transport

  • The Greens are the only party who will stop the WestConnex multi-billion dollar private toll road and invest in public transport instead.
  • Public transport can be expensive. The Greens will extend public transport concessions to all low-income earners in possession of a Low Income Health Care Card, doubling the Taxi Transport Subsidy and expanding the free school travel program to cover the light rail network.
  • There's no evidence that new roads will ease road congestion, yet Labor and the Liberals are intent on lining the pockets of private companies without public consultation.


On Public Assets

  • We don't have to privatise essential services to get $20 billion of new assets. We just have to tax property speculators and poker machines like we used to and keep the stamp duty on business transactions that the Liberals propose to abolish.
  • Our electricity system, hospitals and schools are too important to privatise.
  • Privatisation always means job losses. Who benefits?


 Pick up the phone and have a conversation today.