Harmony Day

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 -
12:00am to 11:00pm

Harmony Day is a chance for Greens NSW local groups to reach out to their local community.

Has your group organised some action?

When is Harmony Day? 21 March every year; coincides with the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Orange, the historical colour of tolerance, is the Harmony Day colour.

Why is it held? Harmony Day promotes multiculturalism. Promoting multiculturalism is one way to fight racism. Since 1999, more than 70,000 Harmony Day events have been held in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses and government agencies across Australia.

What’s the Greens connection? Racist behaviour and racist organising is increasing in Australia. Reclaim Australia, and far-right parties such as One Nation are growing. Racist incidents in public spaces such as on public transport are becoming more and more common. 

For example, Arab background speakers at a Greens NSW/FILEF forum last year told the audience that harassment is a weekly event for most in their communities, including for young school children walking to school.

The Greens are well-placed to reach out to their local community and tangibly support the everyone belongsmessage of Harmony Day.

Send a message that people in your area support a diverse, inclusive society and that the Greens will stand up for people being victimised and harassed by racists.

A few ideas about what to do for Harmony Day

In your group

In the community

Research your local multicultural communities and invite speakers to your local group meeting 


Find out if there is a Harmony Day celebration or multicultural organisation in your area and volunteer to join the committee or donate.

Hold a Harmony Day event for Greens members eg Taste of Harmony dinner, film night, picnic, beach clean-up day; invite local multicultural communities to speak or perform, or make it a joint event


Ask to hold a Greens info stall at local Harmony Day event, or perhaps a food or fundraising stall focusing on an international environmental issue relevant to local immigrants or refugees.

Encourage members to join your local multicultural or anti-racism organisation or refugee support group


Organise your local group members to attend local events wearing Greens  t-shirts/and hand out free stickers

Hold your own event: which may also fundraise for multicultural causes or refugee support; e.g.:

·      Harmony Day picnic in a local park with multicultural food, speakers etc

·      Film night – Amnesty International is a good source of relevant films

·      Multicultural picnic in a local park – invite recently arrived immigrants and refugees

·      Promote your events through multicultural and ethnic radio and print media

·      Make it political – or not!


Lots more ideas can be found at www.mehreenfaruqi.org.au/harmonyday  

Stickers, badges and materials as well as ideas can be found at the Harmony Day website.

This informoation has been put together by the Greens NSW Multicultural Committee. If you’d like to get involved, have suggestions or find out more contact:

  • Judy Shelley Byron Greens 0405 463 663 who has organised Harmony Day events for over 10 years
  • Caroline Alcorso Inner Sydney Greens on ph 0422 2457 002 Convenor of the Committee
  • Matt Hilton in office of Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW MLC and spokesperson for Multiculturalism