March for Science Rally

Event Date and Time: 
Saturday, April 22, 2017 -
8:00am to 5:00pm
Location / Address: 
Martin Place (Phillip St)


On Saturday April 22nd, we take to the streets and march for science! We will meet at Martin Place (Phillip St) at noon, and after speeches we will make our way to Hyde Park North.

For other marches around Australia, please see:


The March for Science celebrates the public discovery, distribution, and understanding of scientific knowledge as crucial to the freedom, success, health, and safety of life on this planet. We are a nonpartisan group, marching to demand action in the following areas: Funding, Communication, Policy, and Literacy.

- Funding
A long-term, strategic approach to investment in research and development is essential for driving innovation. Government commitment to stable science funding policy will deliver solutions to complex challenges, promoting future growth and prosperity for all.

- Communication
Publicly-funded scientists must be free to communicate openly their research, data, and interpretations of their work. Public outreach, education, and accessibility of scientific knowledge should be encouraged.

- Policy
Public policy should be guided by evidence-based scientific research, local scientific knowledge, and mainstream scientific consensus.

- Literacy
A well-informed community is essential to a free and successful society. We support initiatives to promote broad public knowledge and discussion of scientific work.