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The Greens is Australia's fastest growing political party. Founded on the principle of grassroots democracy, in the Greens every member can have input into key decisions. By joining the Greens, you can help to achieve a fair, sustainable and independent Australia.

How to Join or Renew

If you're already a member, you can renew below, or you can help by signing up one friend.  If every member signed up one friend, we’d double our membership.  Please, target just one friend and ask them to join the Greens to help rescue the future.

Joining or renewing the Greens is easy:

You have two options, by mail or via or online form using a credit card.

By Mail:  Download the form here, print it out and send it in. 

By our Secure Online Forms: Choose if you want to join or renew your membership.


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Please feel free to take a look at the Constitution of The Greens NSW and Charter of the Australian Greens.