Transport for 2020

Currently only 20% of Sydney siders use public transport to get to work, and 67% rely on private vehicles. The Greens would reduce the mode share of private cars by 2030 to 50% in Sydney by offering affordable, accessible and safe alternative transport options. 


The Greens would set a strategic goal of reducing the mode share of private cars by 2030 to 50% in Sydney, based on Journey to Work data with an equivalent increase in mode share for public and active transport. Currently only 20% of Sydney siders use public transport to get to work, and 67% rely on private vehicles. There needs to be an end to the piecemeal approach to public transport, with a new focus on expanding access to new areas through infrastructure and improved services to increase patronage. Other large cities in the world have a much higher share of public transport with the vast majority mode share by public and active transport.

City Percentage Mode share of Journeys to work
Private transport Public transport Cycling Walking
London (2010) 36% 42% 2% 21%
Paris (2010) 10% 32% 3% 52%
Sydney (2011) 67% 20% 0.5% 4%

The Greens plan would redirect the $4.5 billion of public money currently earmarked to be wasted on the WestConnex and NorthConnex toll roads, the Newcastle rail removal and the F6 Feasibility Study. This money would instead be diverted to projects for cities and regions that will actually work for people and their communities and which gets freight off roads and onto rail. 

The Greens plan represents a clear alternative to the privatisation agenda of the Coalition and the “do-nothing” approach of the Labor party. Unlike the Baird government’s misguided proposals through ‘Rebuilding NSW’, the Greens plan to invest in public transport does not rely on the disastrous sale of our public electricity assets. The Plan is fully detailed in the attached ‘Making Public Transport Work for Communities: The Greens Vision and 2020 Transport Infrastructure Plan’.

  • A $4.581 billion dollar fully funded 5 year infrastructure plan would include:
    • $2.1 billion for a Light Rail for NSW fund that would allocate money to targeted light rail projects across the state, including but not limited to the Inner West Light Rail Link (Parramatta Road and Balmain), Western Sydney Light Rail Network, City to  Zetland Light Rail Link, Parramatta Road Light Rail
    • $1 billion allocated to finally build the Parramatta to Epping Rail Link;
    • $450 million to buy back the Airport Link and scrap the prohibitive Station Access Fee;
    • $400 million for world class transport servicing Newcastle, the Hunter region and the Central coast
    • $231 million to fast-track and expand the Transport Access Program;
    • $250 million to complete a Sydney Regional Bike Network;
    • $100 million for community transport projects and initiatives;
    • $50 million to reopen the Casino-Lismore component of the closed Casino-Murwillumbah line;
  • The Greens will push for affordability, equity, accessibility and safety in transport. We will:
    • Extend public transport concessions to all low-income earners in possession of a Low Income Health Care Card ($18 million annually);
    • Double the Taxi Transport Subsidy to $60 per trip ($10.8 million annually);
    • Expand the free school student transport scheme to cover the light rail network;
    • Legislate for ‘One Metre Matters’ laws to protect cyclists;
    • Regional Road Safety;
    • Integrate fares across transport modes.
  • The Greens would also for the first time introduce legislation that would make it compulsory for government to publicly release business cases and comparative cost benefit analyses of alternatives for major transport projects and establish genuine community participation, not just information sessions after key decisions have been made. 

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