There are a great many things to celebrate about modern Australia. We are the most successful multicultural society on the planet, but our celebrations of this cannot come at the expense of ignoring the ongoing injustice and violence suffered by indigenous Australians.

The NSW Government’s commitment to provide reparations for the Stolen Generations is a major victory. Greens NSW MLC Jan Barham drove the outcome by pushing for, and then chairing a Parliamentary Inquiry into reparations. It delivers on a long-held commitment from the Greens.

In his quest for justice for three Aboriginal children who were murdered in the early 1990s, Greens MLC David Shoebridge has achieved a milestone: The parliamentary campaign he spearheaded has led the NSW Attorney General to support a retrial. As David writes, it has been a long journey with important lessons to teach.

Greens NSW has achieved a huge boost in Local Government representation with three Mayors and 24 councillors elected from the 29 districts we contested in the recent elections.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, newly elected Greens MLC Justin Field explained to a packed house why it is crucial to go back to first principles in addressing environmental and social concerns.