Big NSW Budget Boost Needed to Reverse Decline in Cycling Numbers and Safety in Sydney

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Greens MP and Transport Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has reacted to new figures showing that Sydney has the lowest rate of cyclists in any Australian capital city and the number of cyclists seriously injured has not reduced. She has called for the NSW Government to make a big investment in active transport in the upcoming budget.

Dr. Faruqi said:

“Sydney has the lowest rate of cycling of any capital city in Australia precisely because of this Government’s war on cyclists and refusal to invest in infrastructure to protect them. In fact, they have been moving the opposite direction by tearing up bike lanes, as they have done on busy College Street in the city. 

“The 2018 State Budget is an opportunity to reverse this and I am calling on the NSW Government to make a big investment in cycling infrastructure to transform Sydney from a city which is heavily congested with cars to one where people can safely walk and ride their bikes to get from A to B.

“Sydney is becoming more and more congested each day. We need to be following the lead of Europe and recognise active transport as not just a hobby, but a commuting choice that has benefits for everyone.

“Statistics show that people are getting injured while cycling all over Sydney, so it is really important that this investment includes commuting routes in Western Sydney, the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.

“The reality is that building separated cycle ways for bike riders is a win-win. It protects cyclists and makes the roads less congested.

“Figures show hundreds of people are injured on the roads while cycling each year, so we need to start taking this issue seriously. NSW is one of the only states that doesn’t allow cyclists on footpaths, forcing even novice cyclists to ride on roads with cars and trucks. I urge the Government to look at the evidence and investigate changing this rule” she concluded.

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