Ex-gay therapy is homophobic and damaging


The NSW Parliament today supported a motion highlighting that so called "reparative therapy" is harmful and unscientific and that medical and psychological treatment cannot change a person's sexual orientation. Greens MP Jamie Parker spoke strongly against the homophobic practice.
Mr Parker said:
"Ex-gay therapy is incredibly harmful and shamefully homophobic and it must be rejected and called out.
"Homosexual relationships must be equal not just before the law but also in the esteem and respect we afford them in our communities and our own interpersonal relationships.
"We must stand up strongly against the damaging prejudices that are inherent in therapies like this. It's not good enough to look the other way - we need end it and speak out against it loudly and unequivocally.
"Former Greens leader Bob Brown has also spoken strongly against ex-gay therapy and has said he is in favour of criminal charges being considered against such advocacy being aimed at gay students in our school system. I support that call.
"A person's sexuality is an important part of identity; we should be encouraging people and making them feel comfortable and content with who they are.
"We should be celebrating the diversity of people's sexuality instead of seeking to shame and marginalise.
"The Australian Psychological Society has rightly identified so called "reparative therapy" treatment as harmful - we must end this homophobic practice immediately.
"We Greens are continuing to work hard to remove all discrimination both in the law and in our broader community," Mr Parker said.