Government pushing through Beaches Link, Endangering Community heath and homes

Monday, July 17, 2017 | Dr Mehreen Faruqi

NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for Transport and the Environment, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has responded to a story that reveals three schools are within 200 metres of the sites chosen for smokestacks for the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link.

Dr. Faruqi said:

“Polluting smokestacks in residential areas are an enormous health concern, with thousands of residents and school children potentially exposed to toxic tunnel pollution.

“This Government just refuses to learn from mistakes they have made with Westconnex and Northconnex. Their arrogance is yet again going to cost the community their health and homes, and will be destructive to the environment – not to mention the waste of billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

“The Premier and the Liberal-National government must table the full business case for the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link in Parliament and have a public debate on alternatives to improve public transport. 

“It’s unacceptable that decisions so crucial to the community are being made behind closed doors.

“To not even let the community have an opportunity to raise objections on issues of concern for their health, environment and homes is outrageous. This shows the Government’s lack of respect for process and their complete disregard for the public.”

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