Grass roots democracy rules in Sydney

Saturday, April 30, 2016 | Jim Casey, Sylvie Ellsmore

Sylvie Ellsmore, Jim Casey and Lee Rhiannon

Over a hundred people turned out today to begin door knocking for the two Green candidates, Sylvie Ellsmore and Jim Casey. Jim Casey is running in the seat of Grayndler and Sylvie Ellsmore is running in the inner-city seat of Sydney. 

With the private toll-way, WestConnex, threatening the air quality, green space and homes of communities in both seats - and Labor continuing to support the roll-out of the WestConnex toll-way - Sylvie and Jim were talking to affected communities about this and other local issues.

“The community is deeply concerned about this private toll-way,” said Jim Casey, Balmain firefighter and head of the Fire Brigade Employees Union. “But they are also beginning to feel a real sense of their own power as a community. That’s what will ultimately stop this freeway running over the top of them.”

“It’s a real privilege seeing people step up and fight for public space and for the public good. I am very proud to play a part in ensuring the community has a real say in the vital issues that effect us, like public transport, a livable city, childcare and one of the most dominant issues of our time, climate change,” concluded Jim Casey. 

Sylvie Ellsmore, a Native Title lawyer and Marrickville Councilor, believes her experience on the local council has given her real skills to effect change.

“The local community has made it very clear that they don’t want this toll-way tearing up their community,” said Sylvie Ellsmore. 

“We get things done on Marrickville Council and in our community because we’re campaigners and we don’t give up on our community or our values. If this election is fought on values and good researched and sensible public policy, I feel very confident of a great outcome. If the federal election result mirrors the recent State result for Sydney and Grayndler we will win both seats,” concluded Sylvie Ellsmore. 

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