Greens call on Kevin Hogan to come clean on opposition to clean energy target

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | Tamara Smith

The Greens NSW renewable energy spokesperson Tamara Smith said today she was surprised to see Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan's name on a leaked list of MPs who spoke against a clean energy target in the Coalition's party room yesterday.

"Many people on the North Coast will be astonished that Kevin Hogan allegedly spoke against a clean energy target," said Ms Smith.

"Kevin Hogan needs to come clean on what he told the Coalition party room.  As the federal representative of the people of Page, what did he say?

"It's clear that the vast majority of people living on the North Coast support strong action on climate change and a transition to renewable energy.  It sounds like Kevin Hogan is failing to accurately represent his electorate."

"Kevin needs to explain why he's teaming up with that great wrecker, Tony Abbott, to deny climate change and push dirty coal."

Australian Greens Climate and Energy spokesman Adam Bandt said:

"If a Clean Energy Target was good enough for John Howard in 2007, it should be good enough for Kevin Hogan in 2017.

"Wholesale power prices have doubled under the Coalition and the highest price rises have been in NSW, because people like Kevin Hogan are waging war on renewables and stopping investment in cheap, clean energy."

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