Greens MP Justin Field on the sale of NSW land titles

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 | Justin Field

Statement from NSW Greens MP and Treasury spokesperson Justin Field on the sale of NSW land titles:

"The land titles privatisation will risk making property prices higher, expose property owners' private data to corporate interests and leave the taxpayer worse off in the long term.

"How many times do governments have to learn the lessons that privatisation will cost consumers more and lead to poorer services?

"The sell-off of this world class and monopoly public asset is bad public policy. Voters can now be confident that the Berejiklian Government will just continue with the Coalition's 'privatisation at any cost' approach.

"The Greens oppose the land titles sale and will watch closely to make sure its private owners meet the requirements of the concession legislation.

"If there are avenues to overturn this privatisation in the future, we'll pursue them."

Live video from recent community protest, including Justin's commentary, available here