Greens say no deal on preferences with NSW Labor or Coalition in upper house

To maximise the chances of delivering a progressive NSW upper house following the March election, the Greens NSW have decided not to preference either NSW Labor or the Coalition.  The Greens instead are delivering a clear message to voters of vote 1 the Greens in the NSW upper house.  With optional preferential voting preferences have historically had next to no impact on the final make-up of the NSW upper house in past elections.
Greens MP and lead Upper House candidate David Shoebridge said:
"Clearly the best method of delivering a progressive upper house after the March election is to maximise the number of Greens elected.
"Neither NSW Labor or the Coalition are deserving of Greens' preferences in the upper house in the upcoming election.
"With the appalling track record of the NSW Labor machine making them so toxic with the public the Greens have made a straightforward decision not to recommend preferences to Labor in the upper house.
"How could NSW Labor think that the Greens would preference a NSW Labor ticket that is headed by Eric Roozendaal, the mastermind of the botched partial electricity privatisation, and seconded by Tony Kelly who has delivered a string of planning and environmental disasters across the state in his role as planning minister.
"Over the past decade NSW Labor has been in a cozy alliance with the Shooters Party and Fred Nile to get their most destructive legislation through the NSW upper house.  In that time the only real voice in opposition has come from the Greens.  For NSW Labor to now cry poor over preferences is a miserable attempt to deny their own history.
"The Coalition has failed to come clean with the people of NSW and will receive no preferences from the Greens.  It looks like they will continue to hide their policies until after the election when they will open their bottom draw and unleash service cuts and asset sales on an unsuspecting public,” Mr Shoebridge said.
Contact: Alison Orme for David Shoebridge 0432 332 104
Image by Danausi (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons