New Greyhound Racing Regulator Can’t Fix Animal Cruelty – The Ban Must Stay

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Greens NSW MP and Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has said the proposed Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission is a political compromise and animal cruelty will continue. The only way to stop it is to keep the ban on greyhound racing.

Dr Faruqi said:

“World’s best practice is to end greyhound racing, like so many countries around the world have.

“The Government is living in a dream world. You can say that you are putting in best practice welfare standards on paper, but if there is one thing the greyhound racing industry knows how to do, it’s evading the law. The culture of animal cruelty is endemic and they will find ways to circumvent these proposed new regulations.

“When the greyhound racing ban was announced, members of the Liberal and National Party lined up to say that the industry can’t and won’t change and tens of thousands of dogs would continue to die if it wasn’t banned. The only thing that has changed since then is the Liberal and National Party’s spine has gone missing.

“This is just a political compromise. There is no way any regulator can reform an industry so rotten to the core. Premier Berejiklian knows that the only way to stop endemic animal cruelty is to keep the ban.

“Greyhound racing has been described as the state’s biggest puppy farm. The one thing that might have made a difference was capping the number of dogs bred, so less dogs would be killed, but the Government has even backflipped on that. There will continue to be uncontrolled breeding and dogs will continue to die, just for the sake of a bet.

“Many of the recommendations of the report are full of wishy washy words like encouraging the industry to change this or change that. They haven’t even included a goal of zero euthanasia.

“Dogs will continue to be put down once they aren’t fast enough, they will just have different excuses written on their euthanasia certificates. I have no doubt that there will be some dodgy vets happy to certify that the euthanasia was in the dogs best interest.

“Dead dogs on tracks, unnecessary euthanasia and drugging have continued unabated even under intense public scrutiny. The industry has no intention of changing and will resist these recommended changes. There are already stiff penalties for animal cruelty and live baiting, yet they have continued. 

“When the next expose of live baiting, mass grave or drugging occurs, we can lay the blame squarely on the Labor party for their craven political opportunism and the Liberal and National parties for their cowardice.

“One thing is for sure, this industry has been dealt a fatal blow. The genie is out of the bottle about the systemic animal cruelty. It is only a matter of time before this whole rotten industry collapses”, she concluded. 

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