NSW Police Minister Has Fingers in His Ears Over Pill Testing Refusal

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Greens NSW MP and Drugs & Harm Minimisation spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi has stated that the NSW Police Minister, Troy Grant, has his fingers in his ears and has no clue about pill testing following reports that he has again ruled out allowing pill testing even after deaths on New Years Eve.

Dr Faruqi said:

“Last year Troy Grant said he doesn’t know how pill testing works and now he is saying that he won’t waver on not allowing pill testing, despite the mountains of evidence that harm minimisation saves lives.

“It is quite sad to see a Police Minister with his fingers in his ears, refusing to listen to experts such as the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, which has called for pill testing trials.

“Unfortunately, it seems that to rebuild his credibility with the right wing media, he has thrown young people in particular under the bus. He clearly has no idea what pill testing is and how it works.

“We have a NSW Government that has its head in the sand on drugs and harm minimisation. The prohibitionist status quo is killing people, so we need new evidence based approaches.

“Pill testing provides information to people who are going to take drugs, and allows medical professionals to come in face-to-face contact with drug users and give them some sound advice.

“There is no evidence that pill testing would increase drug use. In fact, international evidence shows that pill-testing is a proven harm reduction tactic”  she said.

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