Political Decision to Change Light Rail Route Results in Government Building New Dam at Taxpayer Expense

Friday, July 14, 2017 | Dr Mehreen Faruqi

NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for Transport and the Environment, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has responded to a story on the CBD and South East Light Rail project that has caused a Centennial Park Pond to become a dam.

Dr. Faruqi said:

“It beggars belief that that the need to declare and build a dam and the realignment of the light rail are unrelated. Why would Transport for NSW be paying for it if they didn’t cause the problem?

“The Minister needs to reveal how much this is going to cost taxpayers. This represents yet another budget blow out on this troubled project. It seems they changed the route willy nilly without even realising, or indeed investigating, that because of their rash decisions a dam would need to be built.

“Building transport infrastructure is not drawing lines on a map. They massively misjudged the effect their political decision of moving the light rail would have in the real world.

“We already knew that the Alison road realignment makes no transport sense and will result in a sub-optimal outcome for commuters and the environment. And now it will also cost the public tens of millions of extra dollars. 

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