SDC Decision on Federal Party Room

Saturday, July 8, 2017 | Sylvie Ellsmore

Today, delegates from 54 local groups of Greens NSW met at the bimonthly State Delegates Council. 

The State Delegates Council is the highest decision-making body of Greens NSW. In keeping with our pillar of grassroots democracy, it ensures all members have the opportunity to be heard.

Delegates at today’s conference endorsed the following proposal, that Greens NSW:


Support the Greens NSW Co-Conveners’ statement of June 28 expressing;

a.          support for NSW’s democratically elected Senator Lee Rhiannon, 

b.         their belief that the statement dated 28 June 2017 from members of the Australian Greens Party Room is unconstitutional and; 

c.            their view that any change to party process should occur through the appropriate channels 

2.         Requests that NSW MPs be fully reinstated without restriction to the Federal Party Room for all meetings, discussions and decisions. 

3.         Direct the NSW delegates to National Council to relay the above points to National Council and Party Room. 

4.         On this basis, affirms our commitment to work constructively with National Council to discuss and, if necessary, clarify effective decision making between the Australian Greens Party Room, individual parliamentarians and Greens members.


Greens NSW Interim Executive Officer, Lesa de Leau

0413 581 603