We Support Public Transport. We Stand with Striking Bus Drivers

Thursday, May 18, 2017 | Jenny Leong

Statement from Greens NSW MPs | On behalf of the Greens NSW we offer our public support to the 1200 State Transit bus drivers who today have taken stop work action in response to the announcement by the Minister for Transport that the Inner West bus services will be privatised. We also express our support to the Rail Tram and Bus Union and offer our commitment to stand with them to stop the NSW Liberal Government’s plans to privatise our public transport.

While we appreciate the impact that this 24 hour strike will have on the communities we represent, we know that the negative impacts of privatising crucial public transport services will be far worse than this.

Public transport is not a luxury or a commodity and The Greens maintain that the public has a right to reliable, efficient and affordable public transport.  Letting these services run down, attacking the workforce and then selling off publicly owned and operated transport services is disgraceful.

Any and all privatisation of public transport by the Liberal government must be opposed – first it was ferries, then parts of our rail system, now bus services. They must be stopped. 

We oppose NSW government’s draconian anti-strike laws. The Greens will always support the right the right of working people to take collective action, including strike action, to protect their jobs and their employment conditions. There could be no greater threat to bus driver’s jobs and conditions than the Liberal government's privatisation plans

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown
Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain
Mehreen Faruqi MP, Transport Spokesperson
David Shoebridge MP, Industrial Relations Spokesperson

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