David Shoebridge


David is a Greens MP in NSW Parliament, campaigning to protect our environment, workers’ rights, and for Aboriginal justice. 

David is a Greens MP in the NSW Parliament, serving in the State’s Upper House since September 2010. David is the Greens NSW Spokesperson for Justice and Police. Before entering Parliament David worked as a lawyer for 13 years, the majority of this time as a Barrister representing workers, unions and ordinary citizens with a focus on employment, discrimination and tort law. 

David is the Greens NSW spokesperson for Justice, Forestry, Industrial Relations, Planning and Heritage, Firearms, and Local Government.

David has been a strong voice in the campaign against amateur hunting on public land, and continues to work against the development of a pro-gun and hunting culture in NSW.

Among David’s current campaigns are working to create a planning system for NSW that is sustainable and community oriented, campaigning to curb the use of police drug sniffer dogs and Tasers, and protecting the rights of workers to fair wages and workers compensation.

David was an elected Greens Councillor on Woollahra Council between 2004 and 2012 where he served a term as Deputy Mayor.

Latest News


In 2009 Greens MP Sylvia Hale was attacked by other MPs and attempts were made to silence her when she used a Parliamentary inquiry to ask now convicted murderer Ron Medich if he had any involvement in the killing of Michael McGurk.

At the time other MPs turned on Ms Hale, declared her question "entirely inappropriate" and it was ruled out of order. The fact is a Greens MP, as usual, asked the question no other MP would dare and history has proven her right with Ron Medich today being convicted of the murder.

Former Greens MP Sylvia Hale said: