Adrian Jones

Candidate for Bradfield

Adrian is passionate about building a sustainable future and preserving Bradfield’s green spaces. As a gay man, he finds himself affected by the same sex marriage debate, and is a strong supporter of gender equality. Outside of politics, he works as an occupational therapist at Royal North Shore Hospital.

About Adrian

Originally from South Africa, Adrian moved to Australia with his family over 20 years ago and has lived in and around Sydney’s North Shore ever since. Strongly environmentally minded, Adrian is dedicated to proactively building a sustainable future and preserving Bradfield’s leafy surrounds. 

Adrian joined the Greens in 2010 and has actively worked on two federal election campaigns and one NSW state election campaign. Adrian has in-depth knowledge of many key policy areas and will make a valuable contribution to the political debate. As a health professional, Adrian has a commitment to public health and health services, and his  broader view of well-being attracted him to The Greens wide social and environmental policy.

What I stand for

► Marriage Equality – fully support marriage equality to be achieved by a free vote in parliament.

► Safe Schools – to be re-instated fully.

► Addressing Climate Change – 90% of energy from renewable sources by 2030, net-zero pollution by 2040 to stabilise warming a 1.5 degrees and avoid catastrophic global warming see

► Phasing Out Fossil Fuels – No new coal mines, no new CSG. No more productive farmland damaged by mining operations.

► Public schools – full funding of the Gonski funding reforms

► Refugees – increase humanitarian intake to 30,000 including a 10,000 emergency intake from within our region to reduce backlog. 4,000 more family reunion places in the humanitarian program to stop women and children getting on boats. Lift the ban on people from refugee producing nations coming by air to seek asylum.

► Domestic violence – Support and fund the immediate roll out of respectful relationships programs in primary and secondary schools as part of the national curriculum. Provide funding certainty for homelessness services assisting DV victims under the national partnership agreement on homelessness by guaranteeing current funding for at least 4 years rather than 2 years ($115 million per year).

► Taxation – Cut $8billion in diesel subsidies given to mining companies annually. Increase capital gains, remove negative gearing, reduce loopholes and tax avoidance by large corporations and the wealthiest Australians. A 2% tax reduction from 30% to 28% for small business.

► Council mergers – Strongly oppose forced amalgamations and make representations to this effect at the federal level. Provide support and representation for the implementation of a democratic process for council mergers or the abandonment of all merger plans if a democratic option can not be provided.

► Political corruption – In NSW in particular the extent of political corruption has repeatedly been revealed to us over the past 5 years, ICAC has brought this to the attention of the public and ensured that corruption is sought out and punished. We have seen some corrupt behaviour revealed to us at a Federal level too but to ensure that government and big business receive proper oversight we need a National ICAC to investigate and prosecute corrupt activities at the federal level.