Alice Mantel

Candidate for Reid

For me, being a Greens candidate means advocating for humane policies to protect displaced people and relying on evidence-based, rational policies that care about people rather than profits.  I am a lawyer who joined the Greens in disgust at Federal refugee offshore processing. The Greens have sensible policies on all the relevant issues, which they promote proactively.

With a long career as a lawyer, I have worked in criminal, civil and family law.  I managed my own legal practice for 6 years and practised mainly in family law, often representing clients from disadvantaged and culturally diverse backgrounds who had experienced domestic violence.  I am privileged to have been chosen as the Greens candidate for the Reid electorate in the next federal election.

I will be focusing on key issues such as the impact of the WestConnex proposal on residents who are being forced from their homes or who can expect to be overrun by traffic as drivers try to avoid the tolls that will be imposed on the new roadway.  Sydney needs a comprehensive and integrated public transport system before building more expressways. 

Climate change is here now and needs urgent action on many levels. This includes phasing coal mines and developing clean energy to reduce carbon emissions and build jobs.

Other issues include maintaining a strong and viable public education system and resisting the privatisation of public assets in education, electricity and welfare services.  It is also imperative that we close the expensive and inhumane offshore detention centres to restore the reputation of our country internationally.