Clara Williams-Roldan

Candidate for Warringah

Clara is a young Warringah local who is passionate about the future. A fresh voice in politics, she embraces the many new opportunities emerging to protect our environment, while continuing to grow our economy. With the Greens, she stands for meeting the needs of today, without jeopardising our future.

Born in Manly Hospital, Clara is a proud member of the local community. Having studied law at the University of Sydney, and worked within peak bodies like the Human Rights Commission, the United Nations Environment Project, and the Indigenous education Aurora Project – as well as contesting the recent State election in Manly  – she has a strong mind for equality and fairness. She has worked in remote Northern Territory Indigenous communities and studied at universities in Spain and Sweden. But like the local fairy penguins, she always comes backs to Manly. 

 Clara knows that change starts small, and is passionate about advocating for the changes the local community wants within the larger politic framework. She has been a long-time supporter of The Greens and their focus on sustainability and equality. New technologies and digital communications are rapidly transforming the way we live and we need a new political voice to match. Instead of viewing the future in terms of the challenges and problems of the past, Clara is committed to harnessing innovation and change to create opportunities. 

The negative impact outdated industries and practices are having on our society and planet is undeniable. Witnessing this has cemented Clara’s conviction to fight for people and the planet, starting in her own backyard.