Dawn Walker


Dawn Walker has 15 years experience as a policy advisor in small business to Government and prior to that she managed Commonwealth funded employment and training programs, specialising in trades training.

Dawn moved to the Northern Rivers with her husband and children to grow their family business in the manufacturing industry. She has a first-hand knowledge of the demands of small business.

Dawn loves the Tweed and understands this North Coast way of life is hard won. Big developers haven't overlooked the area - the community had in fact fought long and hard to fend off inappropriate development and retain the pristine environment and vibrant community life.

But it still can’t be taken for granted. 

Dawn is close to the community and make sure we have a voice in decisions made for the region, to bring our community and our magnificent environment to the table, so we are heard.

Dawn understands the Northern Rivers and can lead the debate on renewable energy, sustainable communities, healthy small businesses, living cultural heritage and protected environments. She knows it’s a place worth standing up for.