Jim Casey

Candidate for Grayndler

As a firefighter I have seen with my own eyes increased extreme weather behaviour brought about by climate change and global warming.  We need action now.

Jim Casey is a father, firefighter and long term labour rights activist. Born in Lithgow, he credits his school teacher mother and merchant sailor father with instilling a work ethic and passion for social justice that he carries to this day.

Jim has been a firefighter in the local area since 1997, and has served at both the Leichhardt and Balmain Fire Stations. For the past seven years, Jim has led the NSW branch of the Fire Brigades Employees’ Union. During his time as State Secretary, the FBEU has seen significant wins, including stopping the NSW Government’s policy of temporary closure of local fire stations and defending workers compensation for firefighters injured on the job.

Jim joined the Greens because, as a firefighter, he’s witnessed fires increasing in frequency and intensity due to climate change. Working closely with Tim Flannery's Climate Council on the impact of climate change on fire behaviour, Jim was a founding member of the Firefighters Climate Alliance.

The Greens commitments to environmental sustainability, social justice, peace and nonviolence, and grassroots democracy are an easy fit with Jim's own values. With shared policy focuses of job security, climate change, housing affordability, and education it’s been easy to connect Jim’s experiences with workplace, union and community activism to that of the Greens and representing Grayndler in Federal Parliament.

Jim lives in Stanmore with partner Miranda and kids, Beatrix and Seamus. Jim is proud to call Grayndler home and even prouder for the opportunity to represent the area in Canberra.


Education: University of NSW, BA(Hons).

Experience: Firefighter, 1997 - 2016. Vice-President FBEU 2006-2009, State Secretary 2009-2016

Read More at http://www.greensforgrayndler.org/about_jim#vwjxWhDtFW1mQFLS.99

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