Justin Field


Justin Field joined the NSW Legislative Council in August 2016. He is the Greens NSW spokesperson for Fair Trading, Finance, Marine Environments, Small Business, Trade, Treasury and Sport. 

Justin is an active community campaigner for action on climate change, phasing out coal and gas mining, protecting our marine environment, cleaning up our democracy and reversing the Baird Government’s disastrous privatisation strategy. 

He grew up on a small mango and pawpaw farm near Gladstone, in Queensland. There he saw his family’s farm and the surrounding properties destroyed for speculative shale oil development and the construction of infrastructure to support coal and gas exports from the Gladstone region at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

From this experience – and his time living in the Pilbara Iron-ore region of Western Australia - he became keenly aware of the risk that large-scale mining projects pose to our natural environment, especially vulnerable wetlands and marine parks.

In the last few years Justin has been working to protect our environment and climate as a campaigner and strategist working in politics and the NGO sector, including as:
• Marine Campaigner at the Nature Conservation Council of NSW
• No.3 Greens candidate in the Upper House for the 2015 NSW State Election
• Senior Strategist at The Sunrise Project
• Advisor and campaigner for Greens NSW MPs Jeremy Buckingham, Cate Faehrmann and John Kaye

The Greens NSW membership selected Justin to fill the casual vacancy in the NSW Legislative Council following the death of Dr John Kaye, and he was elected at a joint sitting of the Parliament on 23 August 2016

Before getting involved in politics and environmental campaigning Justin served as an officer in the Australian Army between 2000 and 2007. Following Officer Training at Duntroon in Canberra Justin was posted to the Pilbara Regiment in north Western Australia.

Today Justin lives on the NSW South Coast with his wife Melissa and young son, Banjo. Between family life, politics and campaigning, Justin takes time out to go for surf, practice yoga and tend to his vegetable garden.

He can be contacted at: Justin.field@parliament.nsw.gov.au or call 02 9230-3335


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Statement from NSW Greens MP and Treasury spokesperson Justin Field on the sale of NSW land titles:

"The land titles privatisation will risk making property prices higher, expose property owners' private data to corporate interests and leave the taxpayer worse off in the long term.

"How many times do governments have to learn the lessons that privatisation will cost consumers more and lead to poorer services?