Kudra Falla-Ricketts

Candidate for Page

The Page Greens campaign is about giving voters a real alternative to the old parties. The Greens are the only party that aren't reliant on political donations from the big end of town, and are serious about tackling political corruption. We are also the only party with a clear vision for a jobs rich renewable energy future.

Born and raised in the Northern Rivers and having spent a substantial part of her life living in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu, Kudra understands the region and the real significance of climate change and sea level rise very well.  She has participated directly in many campaigns through her involvement with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Girls Against Gas, Amnesty international, Northern Rivers Young Greens and various other environmental and human rights organisations.

“I believe the Greens offer a refreshing alternative to the corrupt system of political donations and corporate influence that is undermining Australian democracy. I have led the way in Page as the only candidate to reject fossil fuel donations both at the local and the party level. I hope to inspire young people in particular to engage with politics and to enrol to vote. The other issues that I am passionate about include education funding and equity from preschool through to university, housing affordability and the rights of workers. Our region has a growing renewables energy industry that can provide jobs and local growth, but it is being held back by the major parties allegiance to fossil fuel money.”