Philippa Clark

Candidate for Banks

Philippa Clark is candidate for Banks in the 2016 Federal election.

I’m standing as the Greens candidate for Banks because I’m concerned about what the future will look like for young people in Australia. 

It’s unfair to cut welfare payments while handing out tax breaks to the big end of town. It’s unfair to store the personal communication records of all Australians in the name of national security while trying to hide the atrocities being carried out in Australia’s name in our offshore detention centres. And it’s unfair to increase university fees while turning a blind eye to the housing affordability crisis that’s pricing more and more young people out of ever owning a home.

As a nation, we need urgent action on climate change to ensure food security and avoid more extreme weather events and bushfires. Ending our reliance on coal and moving towards a clean energy economy is the only way to create lasting jobs and stabilise power prices – so let’s take the power back from the vested interests of the Labor and Liberal parties. 

This election, the Greens are presenting a positive alternative. People in Banks deserve a safe and sustainable future, and I’m excited about what we can achieve if we all work together for change.