Tamara Smith

MP for Ballina

Our community deserves a progressive voice that will represent our interests in the NSW Parliament. While the Liberal, National and Labor Parties are embroiled in ICAC corruption scandals, our farmlands are being turned into gas fields and our marine parks are under attack. It’s time for us to clean up NSW politics and elect our first Greens MP for Ballina

Tamara's family have lived in the Northern Rivers for four generations. She is a solicitor with a background in energy law, social justice and human rights. Tamara is also a secondary school teacher with professional experience working in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and briefing members of parliament. Tamara served as a regional delegate organising the campaign against Howard’s ‘Work Choices’ legislation. She has worked in Ballina for over 10 years and was nominated as the 2007 Ballina Quota community woman of the year for her community service.

Tamara was active in a number of National environmental campaigns, including Roxby Downs, Chaelundi Forests and Fraser Island. She has also been active in local campaigns to stop sewage outfall into Byron Bay and to protect the region’s koalas. She was part of the ‘No Club Med in Byron Bay' campaign and organised the recent rally to Save Cape Byron Marine Sanctuary from being opened to recreational fishing. Tamara is a member of Lock the Gate Alliance and was part of the legal team supporting the protectors working to stop gas mining at Bentley.

Latest News


Greens NSW have expressed outrage at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's suggestion on ABC News 24 yesterday that we have gas crisis which "has been created by policies of state governments that have locked up gas resources over the years despite many warnings" and have called on him to explain why he wants the NSW Government to reopen the Northern Rivers to fracking.